You Are Awesome

Yes you are AWESOME….

By Reading this Post – you have just confirmed this…

You are Awesome because you care about being Healthy…

You are Awesome because you want to stay Mentally and Emotionally Strong, Sharp and Alert…

You are Awesome because you love the feeling of being Positive and Energised…

You are Awesome because you know when you eat healthy and workout it makes you feel Proud of yourself…

You are Awesome because you are living the Miss Fitness Life – a woman living and loving life in a body that makes her confident, happy and ready to take on the world….

So today I want you to recognise how awesome you are and compliment yourself…

Compliment – a polite expression of praise or admiration. 

Compliments ARE power….

Take some time at least once a week to notice something positive about yourself.

It isn’t always easy, but you deserve to feel good about yourself.

You do some amazing things everyday, and make so many people happy, Vix

Todays Challenge Is: Compliment Yourself

1) Compliment your body – My body is……..

2) Compliment your personality – My personality is…..

3) Compliment your Fit and Healthy Focus – My Focus is….

If you are ready to start living your Miss Fitness Life the very best way to get started is to start the Slim Down Challenge.

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Here’s More About Me:
I have been helping people to Slimdown and tone up for the last 15 years. Before I became a body transformation expert I personally struggled for a long time to change my body…

I finally discovered how to change my own body by getting it out of Stress Mode and into Response Mode.

Ever since then I have dedicated my life to helping other people change their bodies as well.

Here is the link again to join the Slim Down Challenge