Should You Work Out at the Gym or at Home?

A lot of people have been asking me if they need to workout at a gym to slim down and tone up.

The great news is that you can slim down and tone up fast working out at the gym or working out at home.

First lets look at working out at home…

Can you really get awesome results working out at home?

Yes, You can get totally get amazing results working out from home.

Over 80% of my members work out from home.

Working out from home is time efficient, it’s cost effective, you can work out whenever you want and it’s comforting knowing you are in your own home.

To get into AMAZING shape you just need a few key pieces of equipment and you are set.

For totally transforming your body at home here is what I recommend you start with:

For your Cardio:
The most effective way to do cardio to change your body fast is to do cardio in short bursts.

To be effective every burst of cardio in your workout needs to be less than 5 mins long.

A spin bike, cross trainer is perfect.

TIP: A skipping rope is super cheap way to get started with your cardio at home.

Look for a “speed” or “conditioning” rope at your local sports store.

For Your Strength
To slim down and tone up you must be working out with some weights…

Here are the basics you need to get started with:

A set of dumbbells for strength – For anyone starting out, 3kg (5 pound) and 5kg (10 pound) hand weights are ideal.

I also recommend you invest in a simple bench.

You can find a brand new bench cheap online.

You can also grab an absolute bargain if you search for one 2nd hand.

A Bench will allow you to do every single exercise and will most importantly be a SAFE option.

Fitballs are great for all strength work including your core and getting strong at push-ups.

You can pick up a fitball for as little as $5- $10.00

TIP: A 45cm (18 inches) Fitball is the right size to get started with.

What if you don’t have weights?
Just buy some from your local discount store, they are not expensive and they will last forever.

Weights will tone and reshape your body fast.

Look for a great deal online or second hand and always ask friends and family if anyone has any weights lying around you can borrow.

Training at the Gym

For training at the gym, you only need the basics.

Cardio: Use the Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Spin Bike, or Rower.

Weights: Dumbbells in Different Sizes, Barbell (optional),

Weights Bench, Lat Pull down machine (optional).

Here is what really matters in your workouts…

1. You need to be completing your workouts regularly.

You need to create a workout habit.

More frequent, shorter workouts are far more effective than infrequent long workouts that you just keep putting off…

If you can set up a space at home that you can go to and workout then just make that happen.

If you feel you need to get away to work out, find a gym that you will feel comfortable going to.

Make sure it is easy to get to (and to get a parking spot at).

2. What you do in your workout matters.

Most workouts are a flat out waste of time when it comes to slimming down and toning your body.

Walking, running, swimming, gym classes (Spin, Pump, Zumba etc) can all be fun to do, but are not going to get you toned any time soon.

TIP: Some traditional gym equipment will even cause you to gain muscle where you DON’T want it.

Every time I go to a gym I see women on the machine that rugby players use to bulk up their legs.

When you are working out in the gym stick to the equipment I mentioned in this email 🙂

If you are going to commit time and effort into working out you deserve a result!