One Simple Trick for Getting Kids (and Stubborn Husbands) to Eat Their Vegetables

Vegetables are so important for energy, vitality, getting into shape and feeling full and satisfied after a meal.

Plus they really flush you out which is great for anyone who wants Fatloss and Toning..

But so many people refuse to eat them!

I have a Few tricks on how to disguise Vegetables into everyday meals and have incorporated these into my Response Mode Recipes

My Response Mode Members have been trying out my tricks on their family’s and have successfully been getting their kids (and stubborn husbands) to eat their vegetables.

So Today I am going to Share 1 simple cool trick to get more nutrition via vegetables and fibre into your diet

It’s My Response Mode Skinny Mash

A lot of my Response Mode Members haven’t even told their kids and husband that anything is different about the mashed potatoes, and their family hasn’t even noticed!

It’s So Simple: – 50/50 cauliflower to potato.

This Mash Reduces the calories and increases the nutrition value and is super YUMMY with Tomato sauce or Gravy…

Here is a great Comforting Family Meal from the Response Mode Program that uses my Skinny Mash…

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