Why Squats are a Girl’s Best Friend

When it comes to a tight toned booty think Squats

Squats Burn more Calories per rep than almost any other move.

So if you have a wobbly booty or a flat pancake butt or have some saggy saddle bags going on then it’s time to get squatting.


Squats really are a Girls Best Friend when it comes to achieving a cute lifted perky booty.

Top 5 Fat Burning Benefits of Squats


1)    Say Bye Bye to Cellulite

When you squat you are working some big muscle groups and this gets oxygen and blood pumping through your whole body.

This big circulation boost will feed your body more of what it needs in terms of direct nutrition.

This also helps to remove the junk from your body that causes cellulite to clump in unwanted places like on your thighs and booty.


2)    Faster Fatloss

Your body has to use a lot of fuel (fat) to feed your body when performing squat variation exercises so they are an awesome calorie burner.

Squats use multiple muscles at once so this means your body will be forced to burn off an increased amount of fat with each rep..


3)    Sexy Legs

Squats are so AWESOME as they don’t just work your booty but also your core, lower abs and your legs – sexy pins anyone.

Performing squats in your workouts when combined with the right nutrition will see your legs tighten and tone and they will also start to look longer.



4)    Workout for Less Time

Another BONUS is you can ditch the boring cardio sessions.

When you do just long boring cardio sessions as your workout you tend to burn off muscle tone and not fat.

Muscle Tone is the only part of your body that burns fat so if you burn off muscle tone your body will store FAT.

Exercises like Squats develop lean muscle tone – the more lean muscle tone you have the more fat your body will burn 24/7.

Because squats offer a higher calorie and fatburn you can reduce the amount of time you workout.

When it comes to working out I prefer to get the best results for my time and effort I am putting in, so it makes sense for me to do exercises that will do just that.


5)    Better Posture and Flexibility

Including Squats into your workouts will help prevent injury by improving your flexibility.

Squats improve the flexibility and strength in your ankles and hips and this improves your balance.

This also means your posture will be better – a great posture is one cool trick for looking leaner instantly.



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