How to Beat Cravings My Top 5 Craving Busters

Cravings…. We all get them


Whether it’s Chocolate, or Carbs like bread, cakes and pastries or just snacking on junk and lollies.

So what Causes those cravings?

CRAVINGS and not being SATISFIED by your meals are often caused by your body receiving an over supply of Low nutrient processed foods.

Cravings are a sign you are lacking in Nutrients required for the body to be satisfied and function at its best.

It’s like feeding a CRYING starving baby Coca Cola in its bottle

It would still CRY as it’s not SATISFIED

The baby would cry as it needs NUTRIENTS not Coca Cola – (carbonated Chemicals and Sugar)

But when you feed the baby mothers milk it will be satisfied


We don’t change as we grow up.

In order for us to be satisfied our bodies need the right nutrients to thrive.

Over time we have got used to being OVER FED and UNDER NOURISHED.

This puts our body in STRESS MODE.

This is what creates CRAVINGS (and Stubborn weightloss).

So when you are having cravings or being PICKY with your foods it is most likely your body telling you it needs something in terms of nutrients.

So here are my top 5 Craving Busters


  1. Drink more water

Often we mistake hunger and cravings for thirst.

Every time you feel you are hungry, have some water first.

If you Struggle with water, try Herbal Teas – Peppermint is great for cravings


  1. Get your food in balance

If you are eating really poor food, no matter how much you are eating, there is a good chance that your body is not getting the nutrients that it needs.

This will leave you craving food all the time.

Cravings soon disappear when you are getting in the right balance of Macro Nutrients and Calories spread over 5 complete meals throughout the day.


TIP: Following any of the meal plans in the Response Mode Program will bring your food into balance as I have listed the exact 5 meals, foods and allowances you require each day in regards to calories and nutrients.

  1. Eat more vegetables

Vegetables are low in calories and packed full of fibre.

Vegetables are so filling and high in essential nutrients that consuming them daily will neutralise your pallet eliminating any desire for sweet, fatty and salty foods.

I am always being creative with vegetables and have got really good at sneaking in a ton of vegetables into everyday meals that taste amazing.

I sneak vegetables into everything: Crispy Burgers, pizza, Spicy Stirfrys, Creamy Curries, Fried Rice, Potato hotpots, Yummy noodle dishes, bolognaise sauces, Fritters and so much more.


  1. Eliminate foods that cause cravings from your eating.

Start by Reading “INGREDIENTS” Labels and eliminating foods that contain ingredients that cause you to crave more food or the WRONG foods.

  • Added Sugars in foods
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Sugar alcohols (typically used in low carb or zero sugar foods)
  • Processed foods packed with chemicals
  • Salty foods


This ONE  Low carb Supermarket product has so many FAKE Ingredients.

It’s packed with Added Sugars, Fake Sugars, Artificial Sweeteners, Sugar Alcohols and chemicals designed to mimic the effect and tastes of sugar, salts and fat which will make you CRAVE even more Sugar, Salt and Fat.


All of these chemicals and additives can cause you to crave more and more food.

By swapping fake foods for real pure foods you can help destroy a lot of cravings.

  1. Identify foods that are a challenge and replace these foods with other foods.

It is a lot easier to replace a food or an activity with another, rather than go without.

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