My Top 2 Tips For Making It Through Christmas Party Season

This is part two of my “Free Pass” method.

If you haven’t read part 1, be sure to click here first to read Part 1.

Here are two great tips to stay on track with your eating through the holiday period

We are going to earn that “Free Pass” for Christmas Day 🙂


This time of year you can pretty much count on being surrounded by poor food choices.

Its super easy to lose track with your eating at Christmas time.

These 2 tips will help you look and feel awesome all the way through party season…

…and feeling EXCITED about using your “Free Pass” on Christmas Day to Eat, Drink and BE Merry.

TIP 1. Take Control by Planning Your Meals Ahead

The Christmas Party season is all about catching up with people and new experiences which is totally awesome.

But it can completely take you out of your comfort zone when it comes to knowing what you are going to be eating.

Here are some easy tips to take back control:

  • If you are going somewhere where but you are not sure about your food choices plan your solution before you go.
  • Order ahead to ensure you have an awesome meal AND an awesome time.
  • If there is only going to be “non food” items available eat before you go.


  • If you are having guests over, make a healthy choice for everyone.

Planning ahead helps you to take control, and lets you earn that “Free Pass” to enjoy your annual feast with your family on Christmas Day.

TIP 2: The “Plan B” Method

The Plan B method is a powerful trick.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, but if you a have a “Plan B” you will never feel stuck.

Plan what you will eat if you get stuck and things don’t go to plan…

By having a Plan B, when you are under pressure you already know what to do.

Plan B TIP: Keep a supply of Slimdown Bars Handy

I personally developed these bars, they are 100% pure and natural.

They have the right mix of nutrients to replace any of your 5 meals.

Keep some in your handbag


In your desk drawer


And in your pantry at home



Here is More About Slimdown Bars…


Slimdown Bars started a recipe I created for an afternoon treat and I have been sharing the recipe with my clients ever since.


  • I hand selected the ingredients in the bars from the best foods for burning fat.
  • I selected only pure ingredients that help to beat cravings.


  • I carefully adjusted the nutrients until they were just right so the bars leave you feeling full and satisfied.
  • The bars make it easy to eat a healthy meal anywhere, and at anytime, keeping your metabolism and energy levels high all day.

The bars are also perfect for an afternoon “pick me up”.

Of course there is no added sugar and definitely no chemical nasties.