The Biggest Loser – why don’t I lose as much weight as the contestants do each week?

Your super inspired – look at the results the Biggest Loser Contestants are getting

You start working out

You are eating right

You jump on the scale and you have lost 1kg – (2 pounds)


You should be happy but somehow your not??

But you should be as your closer to your ideal body then the week before.

It is important to celebrate your victories along the way to your transformation.

You need to allow yourself to be proud of each small achievement that gets you closer to your goal.

Some weeks I am surprised by clients not being proud of their success in the changes they are making to their bodies.

I am shocked sometimes when I ask a client how there result was- and they tell me it was terrible- for me a terrible result would be an unexpected weight gain of 1kg+ (2 pounds+) in a week.

When I ask further the “terrible result” was a weightloss of half a kilo! (1 pound)


In the team we call this “Biggest Loseritus”


After watching The Biggest loser people think it is easy to drop 4kg (8 pounds)in a week.

But they forget how removed from their own experience the Biggest Loser is.

Here is a few key differences:


Biggest Loser

Contestants are extremely overweight- some start over 200kg (400 pounds)


Real Life

Most people have a lot less to lose and want to achieve a toned body that looks great


Biggest Loser

Contestants are in the Big Loser Mansion 24 hours, 7 days per week


Real Life

Most people losing weight are in the real world- they work, they have families, they have friends, they have kids, and they have social lives.


Biggest Loser

The effort level in the biggest Loser is not sustainable- sadly many contestants gain after the show.  Exercise is at an intensity and volume that equals pain- no one does anything long term that they don’t like


Real Life

Most people losing weight work long hours and a million other things going on and cannot workout for 3-6 hours at a high intensity.


Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser contestants train 3 x PER DAY and are kept active the rest of the day.

Real Life

Train between 3- 5 sessions PER WEEK – and have to workout by making time for training around busy work, family and social schedules


Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser Contestants are locked away from the world removing distractions and the many temptations.


Real Life

Tackle the habits that have them put on weight head on and overcome their distractions


Studies have shown that the faster you lose the weight the faster you regain the weight.


Now don’t get me wrong- any show that shows people getting into shape is a fantastic thing and I am sure the show has inspired many to create dramatic change in their lives.


But holding your own results up against Biggest Loser results is only going to lead to frustration.


Sustainable changes achieved with repetition add up to big changes over time.


Everyone apart from people who are purely toning their bodies should be aiming for .5-1kg per week (1-2 pounds).  More than .5kg (1 pound) should always be viewed as a bonus.


Take this .5 of a kilo 91 pound) every week and sustain it for a year- the result is 26 kilos (57 pounds) over a year


Take 1 kilo (2 pounds) a week and sustain this for a year and the result is 52kgs (114 pounds) in a year.


I have never met anyone who wouldn’t be happy with themselves for being 26-52kg (57-114 Pounds) leaner in a year.

The challenge is that if you are always looking for a huge result you are always disappointed and are at risk of not trying anymore.


But by doing this you deny yourself the opportunity of being 26-52kgs leaner.


Missing this opportunity of being 26-52kgs leaner is the real definition of being a Big Loser!


Allow your self to be proud of your results, have sensible expectations and you will receive long term success from your transformation.