St Patrick’s Day Green Slimdown Secret

Top o da mornin to ya! It’s St Patrick’s Day!

My mum is Irish from the O’Brien Clan and she is 1 of 9 children.

When grandpa passed way too soon, Nan decided to get on a boat and move to Australia to start a new life with 9 kids all by herself….(wow)

I am so Proud of My Nan, Ma (Matilda) – she was one Determined and Strong Woman- AMAZING

On St Patricks Day my Aunties and Uncles do get a bit silly!

In keeping with the Green Theme today I will am going to share an incredible GREEN slimdown secret…

Use this trick and the St Patricks Day ‘Luck of the Irish’ will be Shining on you next results check šŸ™‚

This Secret:

  • Helps you to feel fuller.
  • Helps you to Beat Cravings.
  • Flushes fat and toxins
  • Is a really fast way to get in a fat burning meal.
  • Boosts your metabolism so you get toned fast.
  • Tastes like a treat that you can look forward to every day.

and the secret is…

a Green Smoothie
I know a lot of people are thinking right now, “I could never have a Green Smoothie”

I used to be the same way, until I created the recipe I am going to share today.

Ok here is the recipe for the Green Energy Smoothie:

Green Smoothie TIPS:

  • A Green Smoothie a day is perfect for any week when you want fast Fatloss.
  • A Green Smoothie is also perfect the night before a measurement for a true reading on the scales.

Make your Green Smoothie with the Slimdown Smoothie Mix I created especially for slimming down and toning up.

(unlike every other shake mix out there Slimdown Smoothie Mix has no chemical nasties)

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