How to Slimdown and Tone Up Fast (Without Starving Yourself)

One of the biggest myths about getting into shape is that you need to cut back on calories and starve yourself.

It seems simple, overeating got you out of shape, so starving yourself will get you back into shape fast…

But this idea is just WRONG…


Here is why Starving Yourself to Get Into Shape Fails.

When you deprive yourself of food, your body goes into shock and gets into Stress Mode.

Here is what happens when you body is in Stress Mode:


Here is how starving yourself gets your body into Stress Mode:

1. Your metabolism stalls.

Your metabolism needs a constant flow of energy and nutrition to burn fat in your body.

TIP: When your metabolism has slowed down your body looks and feels more doughy and flabby…

A bit like cottage cheese.

2. Your energy levels crash.

It becomes hard to make it through the day, and fitting in workouts just feels impossible.

And here is the worst bit…

3. When your body is not getting the right nutrients, it releases strong chemicals to make you CRAVE food FAST.

These chemicals are released by your body because it is craving nutrition…

Somehow muffins, pastries, chips and chocolates are what people reach for when the cravings become unbearable.

..and it’s no surprise that these are the exact worst foods for a toned, fit, healthy body.

So how do you slim down and tone up without starving yourself?

The secret is to get your body out of Stress Mode and into Response Mode.

Here’s what happens when you “flick the switch” of Response Mode.


How do you get your body into Response Mode?

Here are my top 3 Tips for getting your body out of Stress Mode and into Response Mode.

1. Quit dieting and starving yourself

2. Eat Pure foods

Natural, pure foods are full of nutrients, feed your fatloss and stimulate your metabolism for Response Mode.

3. Eat Often

Eating often makes you feel fuller and boosts your metabolism.

Putting it all together

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