Slimdown Pancakes

I personally developed this recipe for my Response Mode Program and it’s one of my clients Favourites.

I have perfected all the calories and nutrients to ensure you enjoy the yummiest and healthiest Slimdown Pancakes.

This recipe will allow your body to stay in Response Mode to ensure you Slimdown and Tone up fast


60 grams Wholemeal Flour
20 grams Slimdown Smoothie Mix
90ml Water or (if using Raw Pea add an extra 70ml water)
3 Strawberries
1 small Banana (you can always use half and freeze the other half for smoothies)
1 Passion fruit
(Tip: you can use any combination of fresh seasonal fruit)


1. Mix flour, Slimdown Smoothie Mix and water in a bowl until smooth with no lumps. Note – if using Raw Pea add an extra 70ml water

2. Spray a pan with oil spray (olive oil or coconut oil).

3. Pour batter in the pan and cook on medium heat

4. Serve with the freshly cut fruit and berries (or peanut butter and sugar free jam)


Response Mode1 Serve (2 pancakes) can replace any Meal 1 M1 in any of the meal plans.

Check the recipe guide for Gluten Free, Vegan and Ultimate Options.

TIP: These pancakes are also delicious cold so are a great option for your lunchbox or when travelling