This Worked for my Cousin Mary (It will work for you too)

A few months back I was talking to my cousin, her name is Mary.

When I first spoke to her she had 24 kgs to lose, but most of all she wanted to tone up as well…

She has two amazing kids, and really struggles to find time for herself.

She had seen the amazing results people in my programs received but thought maybe she might not be able to keep up with the program because she was so unfit…

After we caught up I put together a special 28 Day program to help her to get started.

When I put together the program I was conscious of her goals and her fitness levels, as well as how busy she was.

1. First of all I made sure she had a choice of delicious recipes to make.

  • simple meals
  • super easy to prepare
  • family friendly

2. I set her up with a simple workout program
She could get started in the workouts, even though she hasn’t worked out for a long time

  • I set up the workouts so she can do them at home, with very little equipment.
  • Most of all I wanted her to feel a little bit stronger every week

All of this combined to put her body into Response Mode- where she was able to feel fuller, beat cravings and best of all burn fat.

3. Every day I sent her a little burst of motivation via email, just to help her keep on track

So after the first 28 days of following the program she has list 4.6 kgs.

The best thing is she told me she is enjoying the program, and for the first time in her life she feels like things are actually working.

After achieving success over 28 days she is ready to for her next 28 Days…

It turns out that a lot of people are just like my cousin,

  • Short on time
  • They want something easy to start, and not overwhelming

I have made Mary’s 28 Day Program available to everyone.

I have called it the 28 Day Challenge

If you want to get started on the 28 Day Program…

Click Here to check out all the details