Mel’s Inspiring Transformation

I am so excited to share Mel’s Story.


Mel is part of my A-TEAM and one of my Superstar VIP Members having lost 28kg and 144 cm off her body to date.

I am just so proud of Mel and have had the wonderful privilege of getting to WITNESS her FITNESS.

Mel has inspired so many of my VIP members with her daily check-ins and positivity and her focus is unstoppable.

Even Mel’s husband has lost 10kg and 10cm off his waist..

What a gorgeous Fit and Healthy couple who are fabulous role models to their children.

enjoy Mel’s Story, Vix


1) Tell me a little about yourself –

I am a 43 year old mum with two children, 10 and 8. I work full time and have the busiest life you could imagine as my husband works shift work and my kids keep me busy most nights of the week and on weekends with sporting commitments.

I first started on this program back in February 2014 weighing 99.1kg and stayed super committed to reaching my goal weight of 75kg until I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2014.

I had reached 77kg and was feeling healthier and fitter than I had in a long time and felt somewhat cheated that despite feeling this way I had cancer and at that point thought I could potentially die or at very least my life would never be the same again.

For the next twelve months my life revolved around surgery and treatments and exercising was extremely difficult and my diet began to suffer as I returned to some old bad habits.

At the end of 2015 I was starting to get my life back to normal and realised I hadn’t finished something I wanted to do very badly, so again made the commitment to work on my lifestyle choices with the help of Vix and the MFL vixens.

So on 1 January 2016 I made a new years resolution to reach my goal weight of 75kg (I had returned back to just over 86kg and was feeling pretty bad about myself).


2) Before you you became a VIP member and joined the Miss Fitness Life Program how did you feel about yourself?

I felt like a failure to myself that I had allowed myself to become so overweight and unfit.

I have two healthy active children and I wanted to set a positive example for them and the way I was going I was afraid they would be embarrassed to be with me and I couldn’t live with myself if I passed on the legacy of being overweight to them through inactivity and bad food choices.

As someone who had always been fit (I joined the army at age 18) I remembered how much better I felt about myself back then and wanted to be happy about myself again.


3) What was the turning point that made you decide – YES I am going to change my body and get into shape?

The first time around was a family holiday to Sydney in early 2014 which made me very upset when I realised I had no clothes I felt comfortable in other than a pair of jeans and a few t-shirts even though it was the middle of summer, I couldn’t bear to see myself in shorts or dresses.

Photos we took on that holiday showed me to be the fat faced and unhealthy looking person I’d previously refused to acknowledge.

The second time I started on the program was after my cancer scare and I decided this was as much about my health as it was about my appearance and being around long term for my family.

I also wanted to make sure my family were as healthy as possible too.


4) So how long have you been following the Program?

I first started on the program in February 2014 and lost 22kg by July 2014.

I then stopped after my cancer diagnosis and returned in January 2016 with renewed enthusiasm after finishing my treatment.

I was 86kg then and am now 72 kg, beyond my initial goal.

5) Tell me about some of the physical changes that you have noticed on the program?

I am leaner, stronger and more defined physically.

My skin is clearer and I look younger now than I did 2 years ago.

I have more energy to keep up with the challenges of my busy life and mentally I am so much more positive.

6) What are the biggest positive changes you have noticed as a result of the being part of the program?

Fitting into whatever clothes I want to wear and feeling really confident in my appearance instead of always dressing in frumpy shapeless clothes.



Also a huge increase in energy!

7) What part of your body did you want to change the most?

I wanted a flat stomach so I didn’t have have to worry about muffin tops or looking 6 months pregnant all the time.

8) Where do you do your workouts – home or gym and how do you fit them in your Busy schedule?

I work out at home mostly.

It’s the only way I can fit it in around the needs of my husband’s shift work and the kids.

Working out at home means I can workout whenever I can get time, wear whatever I want and listen to my music without worrying about who else is around.

I have a treadmill, exercise bike, Swiss ball, step, weights bench and a selection of dumbbells, a barbell, medicine ball, kettle ball, yoga mat and skipping rope.

This means I can do pretty much any type of exercise Vix throws at us! It keeps it from getting boring too.


9) How do you find the weekly workout structure and new workouts you get each week as a VIP member?

I love knowing exactly what the challenges are each week and being able to download all my workouts on my phone ready for each day.

It takes all the hard work out of it and I know if I follow the program I’m going to get results.

10) How do you stay focused and motivated?

There are several parts to this answer:

-having the VIP community as part of my everyday life checking in and being accountable.

-having a realistic goal to work towards.

-remembering why I am doing this by using positive affirmations daily.

-setting time for myself for every day to get my exercise done.  If I exercise I am more likely to be strict with my diet.

-find ways of exercising that you enjoy and compliant meals you enjoy eating.  If you enjoy what you do it makes it easier.

-giving myself rewards for achieving goals, eg a massage, a new piece of clothing or exercise gear or a special refuel meal.


11) How do you handle the family meals whilst following the mealplans and recipes?

I might just be lucky but my husband and kids will eat anything.

My kids especially love the smoothies and banana pancakes for breakfast!

I also find it hard to keep up with the demand for the Superclean Bliss Balls and Amazeballs.


12) Do you ever have any blowouts with food and if so how did you move forward?

I have had a couple of blowouts but I recognise them for what they are.

A one off event that isn’t repeated and I find I learn from it as I often have a negative reaction to the food such as bloating or uncomfortable digestion.

It teaches me why I’m avoiding those processed junky foods.

13) Tell me about your experiences and interactions on the VIP members site

I have made some truly special friendships with the other women despite never meeting any of them in person.

I haven’t experienced one negative comment in the VIP members site in all the time I’ve been a part of it.

The support I have felt has been boundless and genuine!

I recently had to have surgery and the beautiful comments I received made me feel a special part of the group.

I do also believe the women all feed off each other’s experiences and motivate each other which definitely creates even better results for individuals as we all cheer each other on.

14) What would you say to anyone who is thinking about the Program but isn’t sure?

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the program to anyone!

If you follow this program 100% I guarantee you will get results.

I’ve lost 28kg on the program to date and lost over 140cm off my body.


I’ve seen similar results achieved by many other women who are following the program. 

The VIP program is amazing and can be followed by anyone no matter their age, weight or ability.

I am one of the busiest women I know and if I can fit this in and achieve my goal then anyone can! I love the knowledge Vix has in nutrition and fitness and how she loves to share what she knows!

I thought my life was over after my breast cancer diagnosis but now I know it was a blip in the road.

My motivation for eating clean and exercising is to stay healthy and to be a positive role model for my children.

I have to mention my husband too, who after seeing my results started following the clean eating principles and has been working out with me.

Over the last 4 months he has lost 10kg and 10cm off his waist.

He used to tell people we were on a health kick until I explained this isn’t a health kick but a lifestyle choice long term.

Now people everywhere tell me how good I’m looking and ask how I’ve done it.

I love telling everyone about this amazing program and have had a few friends sign up too!


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