How to Workout at Home

I actually wrote this post for my Miss Fitness Life Workout Club  – VIP Membership Site

…So many people ask me about working out at home… and I get it..

So I thought it would be cool to share with everyone how its done…

So what’s required to ensure you have an awesome workout at home without having to join a gym?

Over 80% of my members work out from home.

It’s time efficient, it’s cost effective, you can work out whenever you want and it’s comforting knowing you are in your own home.

To get into AMAZING shape you just need a few key pieces and you are set and will be able to complete ALL of the scheduled workouts I set for you to do each week on the member’s site.

if you READ my story about my 20kg+ struggle – you will get why I made workouts you can do from home


About my Response Mode Workouts

All of the workouts I have designed are written according to my  Responsive Mode workout system and include:

1. Short Interval based cardio to boost your fitness levels fast.

2. Dynamic strength training for a tightening and toning.

3. Exercises that are simple to do but also engage every muscle in your body including your core for a Total Body Fat Burn.


How do I do the Response Mode workouts at home?

10 Years ago I worked as a trainer at a super flashy internationally known commercial gym  with everything you can imagine for you to use and workout with.

But you know what?

Even though I was training clients over a 16-hour day I would have used about 10% of the equipment the gym offered.

For me it was about getting a client a result and not about swapping and changing equipment to impress my client on my knowledge of how to use different machines.


At the end of the day it comes down to working the 7 large muscles of your body.

Work those and every other muscle kicks in – that’s all you need to do.

Because if you get your body out of STRESS mode and into RESPONSE mode and follow the Response Mode mealplans and recipes and do the right exercises and work the right muscles you will be in unstoppable awesome shape FAST.

The program works BEST when followed 100%

that is the Response Mode workouts I schedule every week combined with your Response Mode meal plans

The weekly members workouts I write will see you add way more variety to your training.

The Variety will ensure you are getting the maximum benefit for your time and effort.

The Brand NEW weekly workout structure I write for members prevents your body from adaptation.

The combination of workouts I design change every week resulting in your body being consistently stimulated to enhance fatloss.


The weekly VIP members workouts change sets, reps, body parts, muscle groups and engage your body in a NEW way every workout to completely Tighten and Tone your entire body to reduce your overall bodyfat% so you become LEAN and NOT bulky.

Every week is NEW so you never get bored.

Depending on your goals and timeframe you only need to workout 3-5 days per week.


About your Workouts

Most of the workouts have 4 sets to complete – 5mins of cardio intervals and a set rounds of exercises .

Follow my 15 min per set rule – (5 mins cardio and allow 10mins for your rounds)

–AIM to do as much as you can of each set in 15 mins then go onto the next set

My simple set system makes it easy for beginners as it allows you to build up your fitness and strength over time.


* You can certainly do more than 3 workouts per week for weightloss – ONLY if your body is up to it

I would rather you do 3 AMAZING workouts & 100% focus on your nutrition.

ONCE you have mastered this then up the workouts.

The worst thing you can do is try and workout MORE for an inconsistent diet.

What do I need to complete my workouts at home?

Here’s What I recommend you start with:
A set of dumbbells for strength – For anyone starting out 3kg (approx 5 pound) and 5kg (approx 10 pound) hand weights would be ideal.


I also recommend you invest in a simple bench, you can find a good brand new one online very cheaply and can grab an absolute bargain if you search for one 2nd hand.

A Bench will allow you to do every single exercise and will most importantly be a SAFE option


You can also use a fitball as a bench for your sitting exercises or exercises on your back.

They are great for all strength work including your core and getting strong at pushups.


You can pick one of these up for as little as $5- $10.00.

Over time as you get stronger you can get a wider range of dumb bells or even a barbell.

Using free weights requires your body to work a lot harder meaning more calories burned , more of your body worked for the same amount of time and at the same time you get a free core activation workout – a strong core means a flatter tummy.


What if you don’t have weights? 

Just buy some from your local discount store, they are not expensive and the simplicity of weights mean they will last for ever.

This small investment can dramatically change your body big time as weights will tone and reshape your body fast.

As you progress your can reward your progress with more or heavier weights.

Otherwise look for a great deal online or second hand and always ask friends and family if anyone has any weights lying around your can borrow, people always have fitness stuff laying around they are currently not using.


 Weight training Tips for Women.

How do I Know what size weights to use and when to increase my weights?

How much you should lift is simple. If you are doing 10 reps the last 2 reps should be tough.

If you can get to the end of your 10 reps and easily do another 3 reps then the weight is too light.

Make sure you are always doing a good weight and do not be scared to put the weights up.

If unsure start heavy and drop the weight as you need, never go super light with weights as you just wont get the same benefit.

Keep your movements slow and controlled.


Do not rush and keep your abs pulled in tight.

Always look straight ahead and your shoulders back – think great posture the whole time.

Breath in on the easy part of the exercise and breath out on the hard part of the exercise.

So now its upto you to give it a go.

The more your practice the better you get.

The more you lift weights the leaner you get.


Cardio options.

All of the cardio in the workouts are short spurts of 5 minutes.

That is ALL you need to do.

See 4 x 5 mins is 20 mins but your adding strength toning exercises in between each 5 min burst.

I know you can push harder for 4 x 5 minute intervals with strength in between then you can 1 x 20 minute intensive.

You do not need to do hours of cardio to get into shape but you do need to focus on nutrition and do strength work with short bursts of high intensity cardio.


What cardio you do does not matter – you get the same effect if your doing cardio on machines such as a bike and treadmill or stationary cardio such as skipping jump rope or step ups.


It’s all the same – About getting the heart rate up and recovering, then going again from rest mode.

In order to burn the most calories for those spurts I always have clients do their 3 or 5 mins cardio via intervals.

You can push yourself a lot harder if you know you only have to go hard for a short distance then you get a recovery.

Simple Cardio Interval Examples

50 seconds as HARD as you can followed by 10 seconds REST (That’s 1 min – so just repeat 5 x for 5 minutes) 30 seconds FAST and HARD followed by 30 seconds SLOW and EASY (That’s 1 min – so just repeat 5 x for 5 minutes).

Choose any combination you like – the goal is to just get the heart rate up and then allow it to recover.

The body has to work harder after a short recovery so that’s why you burn more calories in intervals – you also get fitter faster as you train your body to recover quicker.

If you were looking for a cardio machine option to buy or rent I recommend a SPIN bike.


They have no motor or parts that can be easily damaged and they are small enough to move around and do not take up much room.

I bought a re-conditioned one and it has lasted me for years and still works like brand new.