How to Make Yummy Slimdown Smoothies


Here is everything you need to know about Slimdown Smoothies!

How to Make the Top 3 Slimdown Smoothies




Your Scoop is a perfect 30g Serve

In your package you will find your scoop.

Fill your scoop to the top and you have the perfect 30g serving size.



You can Enjoy a Brand New Flavour Every Day.

Add 125g of your favourite fruit and have a brand new taste sensation every single day eg strawberry, berries or pineapple


For some awesome inspiration check out the "Sensational Summer Smoothies and Snacks Guide"

(You get a copy when you purchase Slimdown Smoothie Mix)

TIP: Blend Your Smoothies

To make your smoothies super smoothe and yummy BLITZ your smoothie with 4 ice cubes in a blender.

If you don’t have blender you can just grab a cheap one from your local bargains store or online for around $20.


Make Guilt Free Slimming Snacks

Slimdown Smoothie Mix is also perfect for making Yummy, Guilt Free Slimming Snacks.

Check out the Response Mode meal plan approved Bliss Ball and pancake recipes below.



Slimdown Smoothie Mix is also Perfect for Green Smoothies

How to Store Slimdown Smoothie Mix.

Store in an airtight resealable tub.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Transform your Body with Slimdown Smoothie Mix.

How Many Smoothies can I have a day?

Use a Slimdown Smoothie for 1 – 2 of your meals every day.

Overall you should be eating 5 x meals a day of pure foods.

Why? To increase your metabolism to burn fat 24 hours a day, eliminate cravings and to get toned.

To get the best results follow my Response Mode meal plans and recipe guide.


Is a Slimdown Smoothie a Meal Replacement?

Use a Slimdown Smoothie to replace any of your 5 meals every day.
When you are eating 5 meals a day your body is on a 24 hour clock so it doesn’t matter which meal you replace.

Do I need to have Slimdown Smoothie Pre or Post Workout?

When you are eating 5 meals a day there is no need for Pre or Post workout smoothies as your body is burning fat 24 hours a day.

Just have your meals when it is the most convenient to eat.

If this is straight after your workout have a meal then.

As long as you are eating every 3-4 hours the exact timing around a workout is not important.

Most people will have a better workout if they haven’t had a heavy meal for about an hour before working out.

Experiment with something small before your workout like a piece of fruit so you have good energy levels all the way through your workout.

If you prefer working out on an empty stomach, that is also fine.

Does it matter what time of day I have Slimdown Smoothie?

Just have a smoothie any time that it suits you the best.

This can be your first meal, your last meal or any meal in-between.

How do I use Slimdown Smoothie Mix as part of the Response Mode Program?

Use a smoothie snack to replace any meal on the Rapid Response or Ultimate Meal Plans.

In the meal plans you will see a suggestion for a whole meal replacement.

Other Frequently asked Questions

How to Store Slimdown Smoothie Mix

Store your Slimdown Smoothie Mix in a resealable plastic tub in your cupboard. Here is the one I use:


You can grab this one from Coles (Décor Tellfresh 3 Litres is the size I use)

How long does Slimdown Smoothie Mix Last?

Slimdown Smoothie Mix is a 100% natural product with no added chemicals or preservatives.

Depending on the batch Slimdown Smoothie Mix will last 6-12 months.

Each Slimdown Smoothie Mix pack is marked with a white best before date sticker.

It is on the bottom or back of the pack.

Where can I purchase more Slimdown Smoothie Mix?

Grab your next order from this page: