How to Tone Up Your Trouble Spots

Got a Trouble SPOT?


Every day I am being asked about how to tone specific areas of the body.

Questions like:

“What exercises are the best for toning my abs”

“What workout do I need to do to tone up my arms”

“What workout should I be doing to tone up my legs”

First of all here is the truth about getting toned:

Getting Toned Isn’t Easy.

I think most people totally underestimate the effort that is required when it comes to getting toned.

It is actually easier to lose 10kgs on the scales than it is to get toned.

While most people are completely confused and following the wrong program for losing weight, even less people understand what toning is and how to get toned.

Worse still many people make the same mistake that will prevent them from ever getting toned.

They focus their workouts only on the area of their body that they want to tone.

Take as an example my client Claire.  Claire just wanted to tone her arms and her tummy.  She didn’t want to lose weight but just wanted to look and feel better in her clothes and around the pool when she went on holiday.

Claire made sure she was targeting her arms and tummy in every workout.

She didn’t even want to know about exercises that didn’t work her arms and abs.

Week after week she worked her arms and abs in every possible way.  She felt the burn in her workouts and for days afterwards but…nothing was changing in the mirror.

Claire was never going to get tighter arms and abs by focusing on working out just her arms and abs  why?

Before you can understand why you will NEVER get more toned arms and abs by working just on your arms and abs you need to take a crash course on toning.

What we see as toning up is actually removing some of the layer of fat between our skin and our muscles.

The less fat “padding” in between the muscles and the skin, the more toned we look.

You could have the nicest set of abs ever but if they are covered in a layer of fat you will never ever see them.


Even very skinny people can have this layer of fat over their muscles making them look anything but toned.


So how do you get toned?

To get toned you need to change your body composition.

You need to make the layer of fat between your skin and your muscles thinner.

Think of it like taking off a puffy jacket of fat to reveal your toned body.


While almost everyone is getting it wrong when it comes to getting toned the good new is that there is actually a simple formula that makes getting toned easy

Here is my 9 Step Formula for Getting Toned

1. You Can’t Starve Your Way To Toned. 

Dieting and starving yourself puts you body in a state that holds onto fat, rather than burns fat.  The more you starve yourself the less toned you will become.

2. Eat Clean
Its not just about calories, a lot of your result comes from the quality of what you eat. Eating clean is about eating unprocessed natural foods that leave you full of energy, free of bloating and cravings and burn fat fast.. Check out my blog post on How to Eat Clean for more information

3. Eat Often
more frequently stimulates your metabolism, keeps you feeling full, helps to curb cravings and of course keeps your body burning fat FAST. Aim to eat 5 times a day and for each meal to have some substance ie more than just a snack

4. Ditch Diet Food

It might seem like Diet food might be the answer for getting toned fast but the exact opposite is true. Diet food is packed full of everything you don’t need when it comes to getting toned.  Stuff like craving causing sugar and artificial sweeteners, and belly bloat causing sugar alcohols are just the start of why diet food wont help you to get toned. Skip diet food and eat real, clean food to get toned fast.

5. Make Sure You Eat Enough Protein

Eating enough protein is critical to getting toned fast.  As well as making you feel fuller protein is essential for creating a toned, sexy look..

HINT if your super busy replace one of your meals with a Slimdown Smoothie.

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6. Ditch Long Boring Cardio

Hours and hours on the treadmill, stepper, cross trainer, bike or doing hours of cardio classes actually makes your body softer.

When I say cardio I mean running, stepping, the cross trainer, exercise classes, exercise videos.

Programs that only contain cardio may eventually make your overall shape smaller but they won’t get you toned anytime soon.

7.Workout With Weights

Nothing is going to tone your body faster than doing weights, especially combined with dynamic strength.

8.Do Cardio the Right Way

Do your cardio in short bursts, where you alternate between high intensity and active recovery. For example 40 seconds of high intensity, followed by 20 seconds of active recovery. (Doing cardio like this has been proven to burn 9 times more body fat)

9. You Only Need to Train 3-5 Times Per Week

By working out “smart” you can get better results than “gym junkies. For awesome results allow time for just 3 workouts per week. (That’s less than 2% of your time).

The great thing about this formula is that it will get you toned all over your body.  While your genetics will determine where your body tends to get flabby my 9 Step Formula for getting toned will get you toned all over.

Your problem area might be your arms, your abs, your thighs, your butt or your legs.  The formula works in every spot.

Ok now you have had a crash course in toning here is why Claire wasn’t getting anywhere by just working out her arms and abs.


1. Claire’s workouts were inefficient

Working out her arms and tummy alone was one of the least efficient ways to work out.   Compared to all the muscles in Claire’s body the muscles in her arms and abs are tiny.

Repeatedly working very small muscles has very little positive effect when it comes to removing the fat that was preventing Claire from looking toned.

To remove the fat that was making Claire’s problem areas appear soft or doughy she needed to workout the whole body

2. Claire’s Nutrition Just Wasn’t Right

Like most people Claire thought, “I only want to get a bit more toned, my food is pretty good”.  Unfortunately this approach can leave you stalled every time.

I made a few changes to Claire’s workouts and eating and she finally started getting toned fast!

So definitely keep working out your arms and abs but remember to focus on working out the rest of your body the right way for rapid toning