How to Tone Up Your Legs

I am always being asked by clients “ How can I tone up my legs”?


“I would love to have those lean, tight and toned dimple free legs”

So today I am going to share with you the secrets I give to my clients


The below picture is the before and after of an actual client from my studio

So next time you tell yourself you cannot change your lower body well then you are just making excuses.

You see we all have our trouble spots

Its common for women (even thin women) to hold a vast amount of fat on their thighs and butt.


But in order to Tone up your legs you need to:


1)     Understand why you hold fat in your hips and thighs,

2)     Gain the right knowledge to make change and …

3)     Be consistent in your actions to transform your legs.


So why do women carry more fat in their lower body then men


Estrogen causes fat to be stored in the buttocks, thighs, and hips in women.

The storage of excess fat deposits is also what creates cellulite –  > > see my post on How to get Rid of Cellulite > >

Body fat percentage recommendations are higher for females, as this may serve as an energy reserve for pregnancy.

Recommended Body fat % for women is 18% -25%

(By the way all the girls below weigh the same amount on the scales – the difference is their body composition)

compared to men which is 10% – 15%.

When women reach menopause and the estrogen produced by ovaries declines, fat migrates from their buttocks, hips and thighs to their waists where the fat is stored in the belly.


The fastest way to Tone up your legs and decrease the fat on your hips and thighs is going to be through clean eating >> see How to Eat Clean>> and strength work on the legs.


Cardio and running is the first exercise most women think they need to do to shrink their lower body but this is not the case


In order to change the shape of your lower body you need to target all the different muscle groups in your legs, this will burn a lot of fat in your lower body, make your legs look lean and toned and will help reduce cellulite.


So here is the exact formula I use with clients for transforming your legs and lower body


1)     Take a before photo – front on, side on and from behind – when your working hard and looking in the mirror everyday you will not notice the changes to your body but when I show clients their progress photos they are amazed at the difference.


2)     Take some measurements with a tape measure

  • Waist – hold the tape measure on your belly button and follow you natural waist line around and record
  • Hips – This is the largest part including your butt
  • Thigh – Measure 20cm up from your knee cap and measure around your thigh


3)     Clean eating as discussed above is essential – but if you are a little bottom heavy I would eliminate all dairy products for 28 days


4)     Stretch  – your legs will appear leaner Just by lengthening your muscles each day – my favourite are the leg exercises commonly associated with Ahstanga yoga – downward dog,  etc


5)     Strength work for your legs – See below for a killer workout

You need to target all the large muscle in your legs for example working your hamstrings will give you an instant butt lift

Heres your workout

complete all 3 sets for a Total of 15mins cardio intervals and 300 reps



If you have access to cardio equipment choose your favourite

Treadmill, rower, spin bike, x-trainer,

Otherwise do a run of equal time or interval stationary cardio exercises
– jump rope, jog on spot, star jumps, Mountain climbers,

– e.g: 45 Seconds ON and 15 Seconds REST Or  30 secs easy  and 30 sec HARD – repeat for 5 mins

Minutes Power Intensity Recovery
1-2 45 secs 15 secs
2-3 45 secs 15 secs
3-4 45 secs 15 secs
4-5 45 secs 15 secs


SET 1:  Complete 5 mins of cardio intervals


20 Step Back Lunges – 20 each leg
Keep your foot out front and lower up and down for 20 reps then change legs
optional: hold weights by your side or a barbell on your shoulders – to make it more challenging place your front foot on a low step


20 Leg Press or 20 Leg lifts (10 each leg)


20 Straight leg Dead lifts
from stance – Lower the weights slightly forward and towards the floor –  keep your back straightand lean slightly backwards with your hips and booty to feel the stretch in the back of your legsas you come back to stance pull your tummy in TIGHT and  finish by slightly thrusting your hips forward and pulling your shoulders back


20 Single leg Step ups – 10 each leg
Keep one foot on the bench and step up and down with the other for 10 reps then change legs – hold weights by your side

20 Sumo Squats
Feet wide and toes turned out to engage your inner thighspush up thru your heels


SET 2:  Complete 5 mins of cardio intervals and repeat the above 5 exercises


SET 3:  Complete 5 mins of cardio intervals and repeat the above 5 exercises


complete all 3 sets for a Total of 15mins cardio intervals and 300 reps

Enjoy Vix