How to Make the Best Fatloss Smoothie

Smoothies are one of the BEST tricks for rapid results without ever feeling hungry.

Use Slimdown Smoothie to Feel Fuller, Beat Cravings and to Tone up FAST.


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Here is Everything You Need to Know about Slimdown Smoothie Mix.

Slimdown Smoothie Mix:

  • Keeps you feeling fuller for longer
  • Helps combat cravings
  • Increases your metabolism to burn fat Faster
  • Ensures that you are getting toned FAST

And here’s the cool thing about my Slimdown Smoothie Mix

Slimdown Smoothie Mix is 100% Pure and Natural

Regular “Store Bought Protein Supplements” are Packed full of:

  • bananaSugar
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Fillers
  • Toxic chemicals and flavours that cause cravings and the accumulation of fat on the body.

Because Slimdown Smoothie Mix is 100% Pure and Natural

  • You wont feel bloated
  • There is no funny taste
  • There is no aftertaste
  • You won’t have cravings caused by added sugar or artificial sweetener
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Slimdown Smoothie Mix is Free of any Chemical Flavours

This means you can have a new flavour every day by mixing it up with seasonal fruit- try banana, strawberries, pineapple and mango.

Combine your fruits for even more flavours, one my favourites mixes is strawberry and pineapple.


To make the Best Smoothie:

30g/ 1 scoop of Slimdown Smoothie Mix
125g of your favourite fruit
150ml of your favourite milk
(dairy or non dairy)
150ml of water
A handful of ice


Slimdown Smoothie Mix ships for Free and has next day delivery for most parts of Australia.


I have just set up a warehouse in Auckland and Slimdown Smoothie Mix ships from Auckland for 2 Day Delivery to most parts of NZ.


Free 4 Day Delivery to the USA.

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