How Roubina lost 69kg off her body

In May 2014 I did an interview with Roubina after she had lost 17kg following my Program

I was so IMPRESSED with Roubinas results and I knew she was not about to stop with her Body Transformation

So how EXCITED was I to get an email from Roubina last week with her latest progress..

Total Weightloss:

69kg or 152 pounds of fat GONE

350cm or 138 inches from her body measurements


So of course I had to ask Roubina how she has managed to stay focused and what has changed in her life.

Please enjoy this INSPIRATIONAL Follow-Up interview, Vix

What was your motivation back when you started?

My motivation back when I started was to become a healthy fit mom.

I was so scared that I was eating myself to an early grave and I wouldn’t be around to raise my children.

My health was deteriorating…

I was unhappy and depressed with my weight and size, it was time to take action.


what is your total weightloss and CMS loss to date?

 My total weightloss to date is 69 kilos and 350cm

At my heaviest I was 136kg (300 pounds)

I am now currently at 67kg (147 pounds)

You look AMAZING, so how have you kept your focus and motivation?

I have kept my focus and motivation by looking through past photos of how I was and what I had gotten too..

and the fact that I am aiming to become a “hot momma” by the end of this year…

Eating healthy and working out makes me feel good..

My health is better now than it was 10 years ago.

Are you still enjoying eating healthy food?

O.M.G –  whenever there has been the occasion of eating the wrong food it has made me feel ill for a week.

That proves to me how awful and harmful unhealthy food is to our body.

So YES I enjoy eating healthy food as it has become my favourite type of food..

How often are you now working out?

I try very hard to put in 5-6 workouts a week..

Very rarely do I miss or skip a workout..


Have your goals changed along the way?

My goals have now changed.

Before it was… Just lose weight

Now I would like to lose roughly another 8-10 kilos (17 pounds)

and Really Tone Up and build Lean Defined Muscle..

My goal is to now trim all excess fat and become a beach babe for November for my holiday..

What has been your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge was to stay focused at the beginning and to set small goals of weight loss.

If I sat back and thought oh I need to lose about 80-90 kilos (200 pounds) to get to my perfect ‘body mass index’ it would have seemed impossible.

I set myself 30 small challenges with a focus each time to see how much weight I could lose.

I would measure and compare the differences each time and this helped a lot.

Another challenge I set was to be able to do pushups without being on my knees… now I look back and laugh.

How have you changed in regards to confidence and energy?

I have so much more confidence.

I love shopping for clothes and love dressing up to go out.

Prior I would have to force myself to step out of the house.

Now I find every excuse to head out into the world.

My energy has increased so much I have not felt this energetic since I was 21.


What are you doing now that you could not have done before?

I used to struggle to get the housework done.

I couldn’t climb up on the kitchen chair,

now I can vault the kitchen bench,

Clean the house

Run after the kids

Do a workout,

Go to work and still feel great……

I can now do Pushups…one of my first goals

I can run 2km without stopping and now that was a major shock for me as I couldn’t even do that when I was younger.

ALSO: Chinups,  Hand stands,  Swing across the monkey bars again and surf down the slides,

OH I also fit on the slides and swings again so I am getting in touch with my childhood again..

What would you have told your OLD self about what you could and would achieve?

I seriously did not think I would be where I am right now.

I have actually surprised myself…

BUT I know when you set your mind to ACHIEVE something that’s important to you nothing will stop you.

When obstacles are thrown in your path you need to find that determination to hurdle it and keep going..

Any last words for anyone starting off where you were?

I Just want to let everyone know that it is possible no matter what weight you are at.

That with all the hard work there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Don’t let a bad week get to you

Pick yourself up and keep going..

Your body continuously learns to change and adapt so you can push it further than what you think.

and when you do the satisfaction is awesome…

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