Here is your Daily Workout

I have a brand new program starting on Monday Feb 6th called the 56 Day Response Mode Challenge.

The focus of the program is to take your body out of Stress Mode and into Response Mode for rapid results in time for Christmas without going hungry or having to do hours and hours of crazy workouts.

Every morning of the program I will be sending a brand new workout to everyone in the challenge.

Today I am sharing a workout with you just like I will be sending every morning of the program.

Here is a workout for you to complete this week.


Here is more about the Response Mode 56 Day Challenge

A lot of people have been asking me the best way to slim down and tone up fast so they can make this year their best ever…

So to help everyone out I have put together my most comprehensive program ever for slimming down and toning up.

So if you are looking to slim down and tone up your:

  • tummy
  • hips
  • thighs
  • and butt

then this program is for you.

I am calling the program the Response Mode 56 Day Challenge…

Here are the details…

The focus of the program is to take your body out of Stress Mode and into Response Mode for rapid results.

Best of all you wont be going hungry or have to do hours and hours of endless cardio workouts.

The focus of the program is to use every trick from my Response Mode system to get your body out of Stress Mode and into Response Mode for rapid and noticeable results.

Here is what happens when your body is in Stress Mode:


Here is what happens when your body gets into Response Mode:


Here are the details about the program.

1. The Response Mode Challenge starts Monday Feb 6th and runs for 56 Days.

56 Days is the perfect amount of time for seeing incredible changes in your body, but short enough to stay focussed and committed.

2. You Will be Eating Heaps of Delicious Food.

Every day of the Response Mode Challenge you will be following my Rapid Response Meal Plans.

3. You Can Swap any Recipe on the Meal Plan for any of the 120 Recipes in the Recipe Guide.

Every meal on the meal plan can be substituted for every recipe in the recipe guide so you have heaps and heaps of choices.

Every single Recipe has Regular, Gluten Free + Vegetarian options .

The recipes are yummy, easy to prepare and family friendly.


4. I will be Sending you a Brand New Workout Every Day of the Program.

Just print the workout or follow the workout on your phone, ipad or tablet.

5. Pre-Challenge Bonus Program

I have just put together a special Pre-Challenge Bonus program, so everyone who joins the 56 Day Challenge will get instant access to:

  • the meal plans
  • recipes
  • and a daily workout, counting down to the start of the Challenge.

I am expecting the results from this program to be dramatic…

Click Here find out more about the Response Mode Program and the Response Mode Challenge…

Let me show you some of the results that people have got by getting their bodies out of Stress Mode and into Response Mode using my programs.

Nicky Lost 20kg and Shrunk 25cm from her waist

“Believe me this program will definitely change your life forever.” Nicky, 42, of Darwin

Stephanie Lost 14.6kg and 53.5cm

“I now have noticed a more toned body and that my clothes fit me more comfortably.” Stephanie, 27 of Sydney

Gina Got ABs in 7 Weeks

“Give yourself one of the biggest gifts you can: A wonderful energetic life full of opportunity, fun and happiness!” Gina, 32

Roubina lost 69kg and 350cm

“My motivation was to become a healthy, fit mom. I Just want to let everyone know that it is possible.” Roubina, 35

Alyce had a Body Fat Change from 29% to 20%

“You will be so proud of yourself! I now feel strong, fit, happy, healthy, energetic and alive!” Alyce, 26

Dawn Lost 21kg and 125cm Off her Body

“It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and my children, a happy healthy mum equals a happy healthy household.” Dawn, 42

Mary Lost 12kg in 10 weeks

“I can wear a bikini to the beach and I want to smile with the whole world because I just feel so much better in myself!” Mary, 46

Leesa lost her ‘Muffin Top’ in just 6 weeks!

“I thought I would get my son to take some new photos of me after only 6 weeks. The difference really blew me away!!” Leesa, 46

Anthea, in Just 56 Days: Fat Lost: 6.5kg and 22.9cm

“I was so surprised by what I was able to achieve at my age and how easy it was.” Anthea, 59.

Jessika, In just 56 days: Lost 6.5kg of fat from her belly and 39cm

“Thanks for helping me achieve the body I can be proud of again”. Jessika, 25

Abby Lost 21 Kilos!

“I’ve Lost 21 kilos and Transformed My Life in Many Ways” Abby, 33, Teacher and Mum of 2, Sydney

Sue lost 49.8 kilos

“I’ve got so much energy now, I’m doing stuff I wasn’t doing before, I’m Happier, I’m Stronger and I’m Fitter- and Healthier!” Sue, 47, Sydney

Rowan’s 6 Week Slimdown Success

“In 6 weeks I have lost 3.2kg and 26.4 total cms- most of it seems to have come off my stomach (take a look at the photos).” Rowan

Natalie’s Post Baby Slim Down

“I have lost 11kg and went from a size 16 to a size 10. I never thought I would fit into my old pre-kids jeans but I do! I’ve lost 13.5cm from my waist and 15.5cm from my hips.” Natalie, 33

Click Here find out more about the Response Mode Program and the Response Mode Challenge…