WOW Guess What they told me…

One of the coolest things about Miss Fitness Life is that I get to hear from my clients who are doing GREAT using my programs.

They are always telling me that they’ve got so much more from following my programs than just the incredible changes they have seen in their bodies.

They tell me their success gives them a “feeling”.

This ‘feeling’ comes from:

  • Living in a fit, healthy, strong body that makes them happy and confident.
  • Waking up every morning with positive focus, energy and determination to take on their day.
  • Seeing opportunities and enjoying every moment.
  • Radiating positive energy that reflects on those around them and positively influencing everyone they know to be their best.

I call this feeling “Living the Miss Fitness Life”

Living the Miss Fitness Life is about:

  • Discarding the tired old broken advice that I am sure you hear everywhere that the “only way to get into shape is to starve yourself and exercise like crazy”.
  • It’s about nourishing yourself with delicious nutritious foods.

  • It’s about never starving yourself or eating horrible diet foods.
  • It’s about working with your body, with your workouts, and with your nutrition so your body gets out of Stress Mode and into Response Mode.

When your body is in Response Mode hunger and cravings fade away…(and your body gets super toned:-)

  • It’s about living a fit active life, confident in your own body.
  • It’s also about Balance – This means you can be in great shape all year round and still enjoy your indulgences and treat yourself on special occasions throughout the year.

If you are ready to start living your Miss Fitness Life the very best way to get started is to start the Slim Down Challenge.

Click Here to join the Slim Down Challenge

Here’s More About Me:
I have been helping people to Slimdown and tone up for the last 15 years. Before I became a body transformation expert I personally struggled for a long time to change my body…

I finally discovered how to change my own body by getting it out of Stress Mode and into Response Mode.


Ever since then (for the last 15 years) I have dedicated my life to helping other people change their bodies as well.

Here is the link again to join the Slim Down Challenge