How to Find Time to Work Out (Controversial)

Today’s post might hit a nerve for some people.

Some people are just not going to “get it”

Some people might even be offended…

But I know a few people are going to “get it”…

and because they “get it” it will be a real breakthrough

I am all about helping people to have breakthroughs, so that is why I am sharing this message

I am always being told that people have no time

  • no time to workout
  • no time to prepare meals…
  • no time to set goals

and you know what?

they are really just telling themselves a

a Great Big Lie

There is a big difference between busy and being productive and effective.

You can be busy all day and have nothing to show for it.

Or you can be busy getting organised and being productive so you have More Time.

The truth is that most people are tremendously wasteful of time…

A large portion of the day is just wasted…

  • Hitting the snooze button and sleeping in
  • Watching cat videos on YouTube
  • Playing Candy Crush, Farm Games or Pokemon
  • Watching Television Box Sets
  • Reading Celebrity Gossip
  • Endless Facebook and Instagram

Other chunks of time are just eaten away by a lack of planning and purpose.

  • Queuing up to pay bills
  • Going to the supermarket every day when you could be shopping in bulk or even better shopping online
  • Doing random or distracting things on a whim

Good News TIP: You don’t need to start saving hours.

All you need to do is win back a few minutes and use those minutes productively to win a few more.

When you are productive instead of always feeling overwhelmed “busy” you will actually find more time for the things that count in life:

  • Working out
  • Eating pure healthy foods
  • Living your active Miss Fitness Life
  • Sharing Quality Time with your loved ones and family creating happy memories.

Here are my Top 14 Tips for Being effective with Time

1. Quit Mindless, Time Wasting Activities


The truth is, most people are incredibly wasteful with time.

Hitting the snooze button and sleeping in

Watching cat videos on YouTube

Playing Candy Crush, farm games or Pokemon

Watching Television Box Sets

Reading Celebrity Gossip

Endless Facebook and Instagram

Definitely plan some relaxation time, but make the rest of your day count.

2. Get Up Earlier.

This is the simplest way to make more time.

Get Up Earlier.

The secret to getting up earlier is to go to bed earlier.

Use the start of your day with focus

3. Delegate / Get Help

What can your partner do?

This can be chores, errands, anything.

Remember you are winning back your day, minute by minute.

At work or home, what is it that “only you” can do?

Everything else can be delegated.

Focus on your area of brilliance, delegate and motivate your team to do the rest.

4. Create a timetable and work to it.

Include your meals and your workouts.

Place it on the fridge so your entire household and family know what the plan is.

Write down what each day’s meals are so everyone is on the same schedule.

Lock in your allocated times to workout.

Make it clear that this is your time.

If you have kids, discuss suitable times for you to workout with your partner and agree who will be responsible for them at that time.

Most importantly, don’t just try and Fit in your workouts and meal preparation on a whim…

You need to schedule them in and make a plan.

You might not get it right the first time, but tweak it until it works.


5. Create a to-do list of your top few tasks – review it the night before and complete your most important tasks first

6. Work to a plan and with focus

Work on one thing at a time and finish it before moving on, or getting distracted.

7. Get Stuff Delivered

Instead of spending time driving to the shops, parking and walking around the aisles and then driving home, get stuff delivered.

Here is my fruit box.


It gets delivered twice per week

So instead of:
15 mins drive to the fruit shop
5 mins to get parked
15 mins to shop and go through the checkout
15 mins to get home
That’s 50 mins saved twice per week.

Do you know how much it costs to have my fruit delivered?
NOTHING, delivery is FREE.

I save 100 mins every week – for FREE.

Get your groceries delivered as well.

Every time you can skip a trip to the supermarket, you save at least an hour.

You will also save money as you will not be prompted to make impulse purchases either.

Shop and Pay Your Bills Online

If you want to do some shopping for enjoyment, then great! But the day to day stuff, do it online and save hours and hours.

I can’t believe people still go and queue up to pay for their bills in person.

Pay them online and save even more time.

8. Make a double portion of your meals

Make a double portion of each meal you make and tub one for the next day.

(the prep below is 4 tubs of Vix’s Fried Rice, 18 Bliss Balls and 10 Merry Muffins – this only took 30mins and made 20 Approved Mealplan meals)

9. Lay out your clothes and workout gear the night before


10. Make Smoothie bags for super fast meals

Put all your smoothie ingredients into a zip-lock bag and freeze


11. Make Super yummy Slimdown Smoothies for the fastest ever complete meal

Click here to find out more about Slimdown Smoothies

12. Use a House Cleaner

Free up 2-3 hours every week by getting the help of a cleaner to clean the house and get ahead in the washing as well.


It’s not expensive for a regular, professional house clean – leaving you with more quality time to spend with your family and take care of yourself.

13. Plan your meals ahead for the week so you know exactly what you are eating.

What you do with your time is always your choice.

Ask yourself “How Can I?” instead of saying “I Can’t.”.

With some consistency and practice, you will find that you have more time for everything and everyone you love.

All it takes is asking “How Can I?”.

There is always a way.