What Equipment do I Need for the Workouts?

Over 85% of my members work out from home.

Here’s what I recommend you start with:

A set of dumbbells for strength – For anyone starting out, 3kg (5 pound) and 5kg (10 pound) hand weights are ideal.


I also recommend you invest in a simple bench.

You can find a good, brand new bench online very cheaply and can grab an absolute bargain if you search for one 2nd hand.

A Bench will allow you to do every single exercise and will most importantly be a SAFE option.


You can also use a fitball as a bench for your sitting exercises or for exercises on your back.


Fitballs are great for all strength work including your core and getting strong at push-ups.

You can pick up a fitball for as little as $5- $10.00

TIP: A 45cm (18 inches) Fitball is the right size to get started with.


What if you don’t have weights?

Just buy some from your local discount store, they are not expensive and the simplicity of weights mean they will last forever.

This small investment can dramatically change your body, as weights will tone and reshape your body fast.

As you progress, you can reward your success with more or heavier weights.

Also look for a great deal online or second hand and always ask friends and family if anyone has any weights lying around you can borrow.

Training at the Gym

For training at the gym, you only need the basics.

Cardio: Option of a Treadmill or Rower, Cross Trainer, Spin Bike.

Weights: Dumbbells in Different Sizes, Barbell (optional), Weights Bench, Lat Pull down machine (optional).