The Do’s and Don’ts of Measuring Yourself on the Scales

To ensure you are making progress it is important to take your measurements on a regular basis.

But if you make some common mistakes it might all end in tears 🙂

For over 10 years I measured my clients on the scales every single week , I also tracked their progress with a tape measure and with body fat calipers.

First Here are the basics:

Here are my Top Tips for learning to love the scales:

Don’t: Measure Yourself during time of the month.

Your body retains 2-4kg (4-8 pounds) of water during this time.

If it is time of the month skip measuring yourself on the scales, wait until your body is fully flushed.

Time of the Month is the most common reason for not seeing results on the scales when you have been doing the work required to get results.

TIP: skip the scales for 2 days before and 2 days until after time of the month.

Do: Measure First thing in the morning on the SAME day each week – just ONCE per week.

Measure before you eat or drink anything, and after going to the bathroom.

First thing in the morning is the best time to get a true reading on the scales.


Don’t: Measure yourself every single day.

Your body naturally fluctuates in weight and weighing yourself every single day is a recipe for frustration.

Do: Measure yourself once every 7 Days.

7 Days is just the right amount of time to see if you are having positive results.

In my Dress Size Challenge I have my client’s measure every Saturday and post their results to my VIP Membership Site.

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Don’t: Weigh yourself multiple times every day.

Your body naturally fluctuates and 7 days is the right amount of time to be sure.

Your weight on the scales fluctuates during the day and you are generally going to be heavier during the night.

Don’t :Measure Yourself during extremely hot weather.

Your body will retain fluid during extremely hot weather.

Don’t: Measure Yourself if you have just started medication that can cause fluid retention:

This will cause an increase on the scales.

Don’t: Measure Yourself the morning after a refuel meal.

Your body will still be processing your refuel meal and will register higher.


Do: Expect a result every 7 Days.

Following my Meal Plans and workouts you can expect results on the scales and cm/inches every single week.


TIP: Don’t sabotage your results by eating a HEAVY or dense meal the night before weigh in.

A Refuel Meal, Pasta, Red Meat, or any poor food choice will affect your results

If you still CHOOSE to still eat a heavy meal: keep this in mind when you check your results.


Don’t: Wait 14 or 30 Days to weigh yourself.

After 7 Days (unless any of the don’ts on this page are true) you have enough data to asses your progress.

Waiting longer means you are robbing yourself of motivating, positive feedback or following the wrong approach for too long and getting way off plan.

Do: Treat your results like feedback.

It’s easy to get upset about your results but all they are is feedback. What you did in the last 7 days is either working or it isn’t. It’s time to take stock and make changes or get re-focussed to more of the same.

Do: Measure With a tape measure.

As you get more toned your cm’s/inches become far more important than the scales.

They are the true measure of how your body is transforming in shape.

To find out how to measure your results the most accurately I have a comprehensive guide of what and where to measure in my Drop a Dress Size Challenge


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