How to Eat what you want and ENJOY Christmas GUILT Free

Years before I was a body transformation expert I struggled for a LONG TIME to get into shape

…before I was a trainer,
…before I helped transform thousands of clients in my
Body Transformation studio and Miss Fitness Life.

I am still a bit embarrassed about sharing my own “before” photo but here it is:

At this time of year I was always confused and anxious about what to do.

I always felt I was faced with two pretty ordinary choices

Should I just give up and start again in the new year?

I’ve definitely done that…and started the new year with a gain…and felt all the disappointment and frustration that goes with that…

Or Should I just say NO to everything and feel like I am missing out on the family event of the year?

Now I know there is a much better way to enjoy Christmas with the family…

I call it the Free Pass Method

How the Free Pass Method Works

Special days like

  • Christmas Day
  • Your Birthday
  • Your Wedding Day

Are your *FREE* days

When you are living your Miss Fitness Life to the full it’s actually a great idea have a few RELEASE days through the year.

It also makes your special days more enjoyable as you know you have earned them.

Here is How to Earn Your Free Pass:

Follow your mealplan 100% eating healthy food

Complete your scheduled workouts right up to Christmas day.

ENJOY your Christmas feast & celebrations with no restrictions

And back to 100% the very next day…

… it’s a WIN win…

It’s about making being FIT and HEALTHY and ACTIVE a Lifestyle..

When being Fit Healthy and active is part of your lifestyle it’s fine to have Release Days through the year.

Over the next few days I will be sharing some awesome tricks for surviving Christmas and starting the New Year fitter, stronger and feeling more alive than ever before…

You’ve got this!