My clients have been LOVING this Choc Sauce Recipe.

My clients have been LOVING this Choc sauce recipe.

You can also put this sauce on all the treats in my recipe guides.

This sauce works for all programs and meal plans because it is made from my Superclean Chocolate.

Here is More about Superclean Chocolate

A lot of my clients told me they were missing chocolate…so I set out to find them a solution.

I discovered that there is a special variety of Raw Chocolate that only grows in a small part of West Africa.

When this Raw Chocolate is organically farmed and hand-picked at just the right time it tastes amazing.

It has a Rich, Smooth and Velvety Texture and is Sweet.

Because you can enjoy this raw chocolate without any added sugar or other chemical “nasties” I called it Superclean Chocolate.

Use Superclean Chocolate for:

  • Chocolate Slimming Smoothies
  • Chocolate Slimdown Treats
  • The Best Slimming Hot Chocolate Ever

The recipes (including the Choc Sauce Recipe) are in my “Ultimate Chocolate Slimdown Recipe Guide”.

(You get access to the guide when you get Superclean Chocolate.)

To make it even easier to start making awesome Slimming Choc treats I have decided to make shipping free on Superclean Chocolate for the next 24 hours.

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