Best Stomach Exercises – Muffin Top Buster

I am always being asked about the best stomach exercises to eliminate a muffin top – pronto…

So I have put together a cool little workout with the best stomach exercises aimed at eliminating that annoying muffin top..

The reason I have chosen these as the best stomach exercises for getting rid of a muffin top is because I know they work for me…

I am one of these people that put on weight around my mid section..

In the last 10 years I have also worked with thousands of women whose bodies also decide to put all their body fat on their tummy.

It may seem cruel to us but infact I have learnt and seen that it’s easier to lose weight off your tummy then it is your thighs or butt.

I have worked with women with the smallest of waists and then carry all their bodyfat in their hips, thighs and butt..

Major pear shapes – Now they are harder areas to fix..


The good news is however that these exercises will work for all body types..

So whether you have a small muffin or an upsize version it will work for you.

But with any good results orientated program nutrition is KEY – check our my how to eat clean HERE

Let me tell you right now…..

There are No magic exercises, No magic machines and No magic potions that will shed fat from a muffin top to create a lean and defined stomach.

So number one is nutrition.


What does this mean

Straight out:

Clean Eating 6 Days a week

Calorie deficit 6 days a week

Weight training – low reps heavy as well as high reps moderate

Cardio Intervals – short sharp intense intervals that will compliment your strength training and skyrocket your bodyfat loss progress


All of your workouts should focus on working the 7 large muscles of your body

Chest, shoulders, Stomach, Quads, Hamstring, Tricep, Biceps

Work these babies and the rest of your support muscles will also get worked

To make it more effective always concentrate on these muscle groups and change up the type of exercises you do for that body part for maximum benefit..

Another important point in this workout is that you are working all your strong areas to maximise fatloss from your weak link – the stomach

I have learnt that traditional stomach exercises done with a muffin top just causes the stomach muscles to explode and your muffin sticks out further

These best stomach exercises will help you maximise your bodies strengths and help you be more effective at burning fat from your tummy.


 So heres my little routine  – the best stomach exercises for eliminating muffin tops……

Re Cardio: Use any cardio you like: treadmill, x-trainer, bike, rower, jump rope, jog on the spot, star jumps, stairs, hills, beach runs – anything that will get your heart rate up for 50 secs and where you can stop to rest for 10 secs that equals 1 min– repeat 8 x for 8 mins

How it WORKS:

its 18mins of cardio intervals  and 300 reps in TOTAL
Set 1: 8mins cardio – intervals eg: 10 seconds easy 50 seconds HARD intensity repeat 8 x for 8mins
then 30 reps of the 5 exercises
Set 2: 6mins cardio – intervals eg: 10 seconds easy 50 seconds HARD intensity repeat 6 x for 6mins
then 20 reps of the 5 exercises
Set 3: 4mins cardio – intervals eg: 10 seconds easy 50 seconds HARD intensity repeat 4 x for 4mins
then 10 reps of the 5 exercises



8 min cardio intervals

50 secs power intensity and 10 secs stop rest

Followed by 30 reps of each of the following


30 x Squat swings – (use a ball or a hand weight – anything)


30 x Squat clean press – (15 each hand – oh YEAH)


30 x HALF Burpee pushups
Keep your hands on the floor the whole time – Step or jump back to plank – do a pushup – step or jump forward to starting position – thats 1 rep

BEGINNERS TIP: Skip the pushup OR use a bench and not the floor and only go as low as the bench – start hand  on your bench – step or jump back – pushup on the bench)


30 x reverse woodchop – use a weight or a medicine ball – 15 EACH SIDE
From a Squat – place the weight/ball behind your right knee – as you straighten your legs twist and swing the weight/ball behind your left shoulder


30 x Squats with an uprow


 Set 2

6 min cardio intervals

50 secs power intensity and 10 secs stop rest


20 x Squat Swings


20 x Squat clean press (10 each hand)


20 x Half Burpee pushup


20 x Reverse Woodchop – 10 each SIDE


20 x Squat Uprows



4 min cardio intervals

50 secs power intensity and 10 secs stop rest


10 x Squat Swings


10 x Squat clean press (5 each hand)


10 x HALF Burpee pushup


10 x Reverse Woodchop – 5 each side


10 x Squat Uprows



ENJOY a Muffin FREE body – VIX