Be PROUD of YOU Wednesday

Hey there today I want you to Recognise the Actions you have taken this week that have made you feel PROUD of yourself…

Did you Eat Better?
Did you Workout Harder?
Did you Drink more Water?
Did you avoid the weekday Alcohol?
Did you say No Thanks to an offering of Junk Food?
Did you have Better Thoughts?
Did you go to bed Earlier?
Did you wake up Earlier?

Be PROUD of every Step you Take towards your goals…

Having worked with clients for over 15 years I can honestly say Motivation comes from Doing and being Proud of your Actions…

The people who are least motivated and down on themselves are often not doing much if anything in regards to what they want to achieve…

The people who seem most motivated and Proud are doing more and more each day.

No matter how small, do one thing each day to get you where you want to be.
That one thing will create a positive habit.

Each new positive habit you create will see you make better decisions, take the right actions and achieve your ultimate outcomes, Vix


Here’s More About Me:
I have been helping people to Slim down and tone up for the last 15 years. Before I became a body transformation expert I personally struggled for a long time to change my body…

I finally discovered how to change my own body by getting it out of Stress Mode and into Response Mode.

Ever since then I have dedicated my life to helping other people change their bodies as well.

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