5 Things You Can Do Today for a Flatter Tummy Tomorrow

Here are 5 easy tips that will help you to wake up tomorrow with a flatter tummy.

A bloated tummy is one of the most common signs that your body is in Stress Mode.

The key to getting a flatter tummy is to get your body out of Stress Mode and into Response Mode and all of these tips are from my Response Mode Program.

Flatter Tummy Tip 1: Eat 5 Small Meals Through the Day

Eating often helps your digestion and fires up your metabolism to burn fat fast.

  • Eat approx every 3 hours.
  • Each meal should be about the same size.
  • Each meal should contain a source of protein, carbs, and fibre.
  • Avoid “snack” type meals, and especially avoid snacking on packet “non-foods”.

Eating this way will have you feeling slimmer each day.

TIP: My Slimdown Bars are a quick easy way to have a complete meal.

Flatter Tummy Tip 2: Workout with Weights

Complete a workout that targets your whole body using weights.

You will increase your circulation to help remove stored waste in your tummy.

Using weights will stimulate your muscles to be more effective at burning fat.

This will help you to wake up the next day feeling slimmer and more toned.


Flatter Tummy Tip 3: Eat Pure for a Flatter Tummy

Heavy and dense foods are hard for you tummy to break down, causing swelling and bloating.

Swap heavy and dense foods like processed foods, red meat, cheese, pasta, breads and fast food for pure, natural foods.


Here are some of the Pure Food recipes to get you inspired from my Response Mode Program.

Flatter Tummy Tip 4: Drink lots of Pure Water

Drinking lots of pure water will keep your fat burning and energy systems charged.

Drinking water will also help tighten and clear your skin for that healthy glow.

Basically, the clearer your pee the better.


Flatter Tummy Tip 5: Finish Your Day with a Cleansing Soup or Slimdown Smoothie

This Tip will helps to cleanse your system so you wake up with no bloat and a much flatter tummy.

For your 5th meal have a:

Slimdown Smoothie made with Real Fruits

or a Slimdown Smoothie Green Smoothie

or a Cleansing Soup


Try these 5 Tips for a Flatter Tummy tomorrow morning.

Need More Help Getting a Flatter Tummy?

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