The Best Snack for the 3pm Snack Attack

Round about 3pm every day is when healthy eating falls apart for a lot of people…

Everything was going so well, then BOOM the 3pm hunger monster attacks…

Then its chips, chocolate or a cake… and eating healthy is over again for a whole day.

Today I am sharing a really cool trick so you dont ever get caught out at 3pm.

The Trick is Slimdown Bars

Slimdown Bars started a recipe I created for an afternoon treat and I have been sharing the recipe with my clients ever since.

  • I hand selected the ingredients in the bars from the best foods for burning fat.
  • I selected only pure ingredients that help to beat cravings.

  • I carefully adjusted the nutrients until they were just right so the bars leave you feeling full and satisfied.

  • The bars make it easy to eat a healthy meal anywhere, and at anytime, keeping your metabolism and energy levels high all day.
  • The bars are also perfect for an afternoon “pick me up”.

Of course there is no added sugar, and definitely no chemical nasties.

The bars are also dairy and gluten free.

Keep some in your handbag

In your desk drawer

 And in your pantry at home

To make it super easy for you to get started with Slimdown Bars I am having free shipping on Slimdown Bars (But only for 24 Hours)

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