3 Easy Tips For Beating Cravings

Have you ever noticed that when you try to get into shape you always get cravings for ALL the wrong foods…

Muffins, chips, chocolate, cake, lollies, biscuits, ice cream and more…

Before you know it, you have given in or had a blowout and it just makes getting into shape really hard.

Cravings make you Overeat, Lose focus and Make you Emotional.

But Don’t Worry- I have the Solution…

Here are 3 Easy Tips For Beating Cravings

Tip 1 Eat Pure Foods
These days people eat heaps of processed foods: Deli meats, frozen meals, diet foods, sugar free, fat free, and pretty much anything in the centre isles of the supermarket.

All those processed foods have very little nutrition and are packed full of fake ingredients, chemical nasties and artificial sweeteners.

All the nasties in these foods are actually the number 1 trigger for cravings..

The more nasties you eat, the more you crave muffins, chips, chocolate, cake, lollies, biscuits, ice cream and more…

Swap processed foods for Pure foods to give you all the nutrition you need, so you don’t get cravings.

Tip 2 Eat Often
A simple trick to beat cravings is to eat often. The more often you eat, the less you crave.

Aim to eat pure foods every few hours so you never trigger your bodies “hunger chemicals” that make you crave the wrong foods.

Tip 3 Having a “Craving Buster” Slimdown Smoothie

I discovered Slimdown Smoothies when I first got into shape and I have been sharing my special Slimdown Smoothie recipes with my clients for the last 15 years.

Click play on the super short video below to see how easy it is to make a Slimdown Smoothie

I created this recipe and I love it…

It’s Filling: So filling it makes you full so you don’t overeat…

It’s Delicious: No really it tastes like a paddle pop – super yummy so you don’t have the need for something sweet…

It’s complete in Nutritional Value: – my body says “thank you” every time I have one

It’s kind and gentle on my tummy

It gives my metabolism a boost so I can feel Slim…

So if you want to:

  • Beat cravings to Slimdown and Tone Up,
  • Beat the belly bloat so your clothes feel comfy
  • and boost your Energy so you want to do MORE everyday

TRY my Purple Magic Slimdown Smoothie

The colour of this smoothie is Sensational – it’s boosted with natural antioxidants and is just so pretty and so good for you.

The recipe is in my “Sensational Slimdown Smoothies and Snacks” Recipe Guide.

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