What Your Weight Loss Plan Is Missing

Are you in a weightloss rut or just not getting the results from your workouts?


Well if you are you are not alone…


Last night I had a call from a woman who was asking if I can help her lose weight.


She then told me that she goes to the gym 4-5 times per week and does Spin classes, Body combat, Pump and runs on the treadmill..


I was thinking hmmm you train 4-5 times per week but you are calling me to see if I can help you lose weight..


She then went into detail about how shes getting her “healthy meals” delivered from one of those pre-done for you calorie controlled companies, she has every weightloss and diet book by all the latest celebrities and so called ‘Diet Gurus” (who have never been out of shape in their lives) and shes tried every crazy diet out there..


All of this and she was still not losing weight and did not know where she was going wrong…


This really hit me, as to be honest what she was telling me was similar to my own weight loss struggles before I worked it all out and became a personal trainer…..


Straight away I knew where she was going wrong..

She was following every perpetuated myth about weight loss there is  – she was confused


Right now there is a big problem with the Fitness Industry.

  •  The number of people with a gym membership is at an all time high
  • Fitness equipment sales are at an all time high
  • Sales of crazy diet books are also at an all time high
  • The Internet is flooded with information on being healthy


BUT the people are still getting more and more out of shape.


And its not just the people who aren’t exercising that are getting out of shape


People who are exercising regularly are still getting more out of shape.


I call it the Exercise Nutrition Gap


People are overestimating the effectiveness of their exercise and they are underestimating the effect their nutrition is having on their body.


Heres a few of the myths that keep people from achieving the body they desire.


“All I need to do to get into shape is some exercise”  – exercise will get you into shape but it cannot compensate for bad nutrition- “you cannot out run a pizza” the most fit and toned people I have ever met are also the ones who are paying attention to their nutrition.



“My food is pretty good”- Most people lack the knowledge of how to put together a simple and easy nutrition program that will get them into great shape.   Heres a good trick- break down your last 24 hours of food meal by meal- how much of it has been good?


“I am training tonight I can burn it off” People always overestimate their ability to burn off poor food choices.


Lets put some pretty common snacks into perspective by looking at how long you need to jog just to burn them off:

Banana Bread 60 mins Jogging at 5kph
Chocolate Croissant 2 hours and 20min Jogging at 5kph
Sumo Salad blueberry muffin 90 mins Jogging at 5kph
Large Cappuccino, full cream milk, 2 sugars 60 mins Jogging at 5kph


“the scales aren’t changing, and my clothes are getting tighter: I must be putting on muscle”

I love busting this myth- if your training program is working you are dropping fat faster than you are gaining muscle, so the scales should be going down.


Muscle is less bulky than fat so if you are putting on some tone and burning fat your clothes will fit better.


If you are unsure of the effect of your exercise program be sure to have accurate body fat testing done around every month or so.


My rule is if you have more then 5kg to drop you should be seeing a result on the scale every week – if you are not then you need to tweak your diet and/or your training program.


The last part of the puzzle is that most peoples work out programs just don’t cut it.


Lack of consistency, intensity, structure, incorrect exercises and a lack of form and technique all mean that much of the time spent working out is just wasted.

Heres my top 10 tips for bridging the exercise nutrition gap:


1. Your Mindset and Attitude:

The number 1 make or break success factor is getting your mindset right! Looking back over the last ten years at my clients who have had the most Jaw Dropping, Eye Popping Extreme results. They all had a certain mind set


At the start of every day visualise what is most important to you. Being healthy for your kids, looking great at the beach, being proud of how you look in photos, looking great in everything in your wardrobe, etc. Picture what inspires you and say to yourself that’s me, that’s me, that’s me…

For more on this see my post Is your workout making you FAT

2. Focus on your nutrition:

Eat less calories than are required to maintain your current body shape, but not so few that your body shuts down- for women 1250 calories is a good starting point.


3. Eat 5 times per day

(for best results each meal needs to contain some protein)


4. Cut out 95% of the rubbish

– almost everyone knows what the rubbish is, they have just been underestimating its effect.


5. Exercise at least 3 times per week for 1 hour.


6. Exercise with weights

– about half of your training should include strength exercises.


A program that contains only cardio will not create a toned body for summer.


7. Exercise with intensity.

Your workouts must have some intensity- they need to be harder than going on a walk, while they don’t have to be so hard that you dread doing them.


8. Do your cardio as intervals

– you will burn up to one third more calories and get a lot fitter faster.  Interval training also helps you build intensity into your workouts. Try 30 secs hard, 30 secs easy (if you don’t need to slow down for your easy sections you have not been going hard enough in your hard 30secs)


9. Do dynamic strength exercises

Exercises that use your whole body and keep your heart rate elevated,.Eg squat press, lunge curl.


10. What your calories are made up of count

– your calories should come from clean food – eating 1250 calories of junk will not get you the same results as eating 1250 calories of clean food..


It is actually really easy to get into amazing shape when you have the right knowledge and follow the right approach.