Vegetarian Protein Powders

Vegetarian Protein Powders

Protein Powders can be a minefield of artificial additives, sugar and chemical gunk.

This protein is both natural, contain no or few additives and are free of dairy.

Pure Pea ProteinPure-pea_whitebg

– Low Carbs
– No added sugars
– No sugar alcohols
– No Artificial sweeteners or flavours.
– Gluten Free
– GMO Free
– Great alternative to dairy
– Packed in a strict HACCP accredited/gluten free environment.
– Suitable for Vegans
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How to mix Yummy Vegan Slimdown Smoothies 

I recommend mixing in a blender with ice to make smooth Slimdown Smoothie.

30 grams of Slimdown Smoothie Mix
200 mls of your favourite milk soy or almond(or water)
200 mls water
100 grams of your favourite fruit



How to Add Flavour to Natural Proteinsscc_pic_hi_res

Raw Cacao or Natural Vanilla beans are the best ways to add flavour to natural Proteins.
Ive made my own SuperClean Chocolate

First mix the Raw Cacao in a little water with a spoon then add everything else.


How to Sweeten Natural Proteins

You may not need to add any sweetner to these proteins at all, especially if you have having them with soy milk and fruit.

Stevia is a naturally occurring plant leaf that is actually sweeter than sugar, contains virtually no calories and doesn’t have the side effects of sugar.