Toughen up –Fitness Friday workout

Need to push yourself a little more? .. or get out of your comfort zone?

This is the exact workout I took all my challenge clients thru recently

If your looking to get stronger and fitter and push yourself a little more then you may like this cool workout.


By the time you have finished you will have hit every large muscle in your body

I designed this workout to burn fat, define lean muscle tone and to strengthen your body


RESULT:  a strong hard fit body – SWEET



So as long as you’re eating clean and working out 3-5 times per week you will have the body of your dreams…


* For this workout you will need a stopwatch and one set of hand weights (use either 3kg, 4kg or 5kg weights) for this one

You can do this workout at home, the gym or the park – OR bring your weights, a stop watch and a friend down to a quiet end of the beach for something different….

You are going to complete a 500 mtr sprint followed by 10 of each of the 5 exercises below and record how long it takes you to complete

Now rpt 4 more times and try and beat your time each go

A Total of 5 Rounds

By trying to beat your time you will be pushing yourself out of your comfort zone – to give it 100%


(OPTIONS for the 500mtr sprint – choose what ever you like but do the same option for all 5 rounds)

500mtr – Treadmill

500mtr Row

500mtr X- Trainer

1km Bike

500 skips with a skipping rope (most boxing gyms and sports stores have good ropes for $12)

a Hill run, flat run, beach sprint, a stair case (if training outside)


Ok Heres the routine


500mtr sprint – your choice


10 x tricep pushups holding weights – keep your elbows in close and hands not to wide

10 x Squat presses

10 x renegade rows

10 x Alternating Lunge curls – just 10 in total – not each leg

10 x mountain climbers


RECORD YOUR TIME – now that’s your personal best (P.B)


Now repeat 4 more times and try and  beat your P.B each time

By the time you have finished the workout you will have done 250 reps and 2.5kms


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have an awesome Fat Burning Weekend – Vix