The Top 3 Exercises For Toned Abs

Everyone is always asking me for the best exercises for Toned Abs…Here are 3 great exercises for toning your Abs…

1.Super Sexy Flat Ab Hold

Top Exercise for Toned Abs 1

Super Sexy Flat Ab Hold

> You can’t fake this simple exercise
> It engages every muscle in your body
> It trains your core for a tighter tummy

Aim for at least 1 min
The current world record is 33.5 minutes (by a guy in his 60s)

Pull your belly button in
Keep your elbows directly under shoulders
Push your heels back
Have a flat back, no bum in the air!
You should be able to balance a tray of crystal glasses on your back

2. Belly Roll Shredder

Top Exercise for Toned Abs 2

Belly Roll Shredder

> Works the upper and lower abs
> Tightens and tones the muffin top
> Must be done slowly and controlled

To make it easier do not lower legs too close to the floor
Breathe in on the way down

3. Love Handle Blasters

Top Exercise for Toned Abs 3

Love Handle Blasters

> Beginners- just do the leg tuck
> Intermediate/advanced – add pushups


Make sure your blasters are slow and controlled
10 of these love handle blasters=100 situps