The BEST Flat Tummy Workout

This workout will tone up every part of your body, help you to get a flat tummy and boost your energy


OK here is the exact awesome workout my sister and I did yesterday

You can do this at the gym or at home


Oh yeah and its 450 reps in total


So as long as you have been eating clean (see my how to eat clean post for more info)


Then you will be burning the maximum amount of fat for minimum effort


Enjoy Vix

 The BEST Flat Tummy Workout

There are 3 sets

CARDIO Options:

We did our cardio on machines but if you doing this at home or do not have access to a machine that’s OK you can get the exact same result by tweaking the cardio part


just do 5min of cardio intervals – 50 seconds intensity and 10 sec stop and rest – repeat 5x for 5 minutes


So either skipping rope, jogging on the spot, Mountain climbers – anything that will get your heart rate up

  SET 1

1)      500 mtr X-Train – moderate resistance level – or 5 min cardio intervals

50 pushups

40 Ballet squats

30 Lat Pull Downs – (or one arm rows – 15 each side)

20 Leg Press – (or Single Leg Lifts – 10 each leg)

10 burpees


Set 2

2)      500 mtr ROW – moderate resistance level 6 – or 5 min cardio intervals

50 BenchPress

40 Stepups (20 each leg)

30 Uprows

20 Straight leg Deadlifts – you can also use hand weights for this

10 Clap pushups


 Set 3

3)      1km Run (treadmill or outdoors) – – or 5 min cardio intervals

50 Bicep curls

40 Lunges

30 Shoulder Press

20 tricep dips

10 walk out pushups – Stand tall  then bend down and walk hands on floor 4 paces until in the plank position ADV do a pushup at the end then walk 4 paces back with your hands to standing – thats 1 rep


Have an AWESOME fat burning flat tummy Weekend – Vix