How to Get Surfer Girl ABS

Want to learn the secret tricks to getting those Surfer girl abs?

You know that really fit, strong and healthy looking body.

The type of body that means you can wear anything and look hot…

You are strong enough to engage in any activity you want.

The body that means you could walk down a busy street in nothing more then a tiny bikini top and cute low cut booty shorts.

Your stomach all tight, defined and RIPPED.

You look awesome naked – ha ha.


Well heres a little workout I have put together to help you get there.

Now remember the workout alone will not do the trick.

You also need to eat CLEAN.

You know the saying.

Eat Clean and Green to get super Lean

So if your eating right and training right you will get super strong surfer girls abs in no time at all.



Heres your Surfer Girl ABS workout challenge.

You will need a timer or a stop watch for this workout.

Before you start this workout do a 5-10 min warmup
(cardio machines or skipping or a light jog)

How the “Surfer Girl ABS workout” works

  • You have 5 Exercises
  • Press start on your timer and Complete 10 reps of each exercise as fast as you can
  • Record how long it take to complete the 10 reps of each exercise in the exact order
  • Write down your time
  • Have a short recovery or as long as you need
  • Press start on your timer and complete 10 reps of each of the exercises AGAIN and try to beat your time
  • Have a short recovery or as long as you need
  • Repeat until you have completed 5 ROUNDS in TOTAL with 5 Recorded Times

Try and beat your time each round.

You will get sweaty…

You will feel it in every part of your body..

Your core is going to be fully engaged…

You will get your heart rate up…

TIP: If You Are New to Working Out or Just Getting Back Into It

Start this week gradually: 20 mins on Mon Wed Fri is a great start (more if you are feeling great) and build up your workouts over time.

77% of Your result comes from your Nutrition so focus on nutrition while you get stronger and stronger in your workouts.

If you are new to working out with weights you are really going to feel the first and second sessions, after that it won’t be as intense (but you will always feel like you did a great workout)

Here are the 5 exercises

you do 10 reps of each in the exact order below:

1: 10 x pushups on TOES

BEGINNERS TIP: place your hands on a low step or bench or chair


2: 10 x Squat Uprows

3: 10 x Alternating Renegade Rows (10 rows in total – not each arm)

BEGINNERS TIP: you can do these on your knees


4: 10 x Crunch Flyes


5: 10 x Alternating Jump Lunges – (10 jumps in total – not each leg)

BEGINNERS TIP: if jumping is too much – step the lunges
– stepping BACKWARDS for less impact as it will take your weight into your booty and not knees

lunge back


Thats your 5 EXERCISES

Repeat until you have done 5 times in total, thats 250 reps….

Try to beat your time each set!!!

SO Remember

Press start on your stopwatch and see how long it takes you to complete the 5 Exercises 10 x each – as soon as your finished press STOP and write down your time.

Enjoy your Surfer Girl Abs workout – Vix