Size does Matter – Calories that is!

Do you want to look bang’in HOT this Spring

Now is the time to start eating right and working out

You have 12 weeks until Spring

So that means I will soon be posting out full details of the next Miss Fitness Life Body Transformation Challenge… Woo hoo

The difference you can make in 12 weeks is amazing

But you need to do it the right way>>>…

Time after time I have seen the difference between outstanding results and no result being as simple as nutrition.

I have seen a 90kg girl lose so much weight that in just…

15 weeks she went from 90kg to competing in her first Fitness Model competition

sometimes I get emails asking

“how do I tone up? – I do not need to lose weight but I am flabby”

this is so common and what I call the classic skinny Fat girl

Eating the wrong foods, not enough calories, too much cardio and not enough muscle

Basically to tone this up you need to change the composition of your body

Your body is made up of Muscle and Fat

The composition of your weight determines how toned and in shape you look

The more of your weight that is made up of muscle the more toned and smaller you will appear

See there is no point weighing 60kg if your 36% body Fat

The same girl would be super hot is she weighed 60kg and was only 18% body fat

So whether or not you need to drop weight or just tone up

The Truth is – size Does Matter when it comes to calories


You do need to be aware of what you’re eating

The one biggest mistake I see so many women make is they do not eat enough

Their calories are so low they are in a state of what’s called Starvation mode

This is where the body tries to store and hoard your body fat as its fearing famine, its worried its not getting enough food and tries to save your body fat to fuel on and have in reserve…

After coaching almost 3000 clients in person in nutrition I cannot emphasise enough the importance of recording what you eat and I am not alone.

A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine has shown that people who keep a food diary drop 59% more kilos than those who don’t…..


In my years as a trainer I have witnessed many clients who have completed 6 sessions of training in a week but did not monitor their food intake and didn’t get a result.

These same clients have been astonished when they did just 3 or 4 sessions of training, as well as following their meal plan, ate more food and lost more than a kilo in the very next week.

I also see clients lose body fat and kilos much faster than the fitness industry says is possible and this continues indefinitely into the Response Mode Program.

So when clients have the opportunity to experience unheard of results for a fraction of the effort compared to traditional training at the gym it really distresses me if they don’t take all the action required.

So if your serious about getting into shape

Make sure you are eating the right amount of calories

If you not having a re-fuel day then you are just setting yourself up to fail every time

Check out all the online calorie counting tools available

Or follow and tried, tested and proven meal plans and workout programs like the ones in Response Mode –

Need more help or want to participate in the next Miss Fitness Life Challenge?