Sexy Strong Fitness Friday – your weekend workout

A Strong body = A Strong  Mind = A Strong Sexy Woman


Sometimes when you are a bit down you can just start losing focus of the big picture

You might start making silly decisions.

You may start offending others – often without realising.

And before you know it you end up in a cycle of confusion and frustration.

All because you got a little bit down.

So to correct that state and feeling.

Many women go for the quick cheer up fix.

You know chocolates, muffins, chips, wine.


All the things that make you feel good for a couple of minutes.

But then WHAM…

You get hit by a another cycle of being down, frustrated, feeling guilty about your quick fix cheer up.

Before you know it you are even more depressed.

The absolute best thing to do when you are a bit upset, down or angry is.


Anything and everything in life seems possible after a workout – its the ulitmate happy pill


You see when you are down your body sends you signals saying “make me happy”.

But there are other ways to be happy other then treating ourselves with food and alcohol.

So rather then self sabotaging your flat tummy or goal body with food.

Go do a workout.

Lift some weights.

Drop to the floor for a full dynamic body workout – pushups, squats, lunges etc.

You will feel instantly better and will most likely forget all about eating junk.

A workout is like a pattern interrupt.

A pattern interrrupt is like when you are doing a behaviour that is so automatic and then you get a shock that interrupts you to the point that you can no longer remember what you were just doing.

You may not feel like working out but I can honestly say Just do it.


Heres your Sexy Strong Workout to do this weekend

By the end of the workout you will have done 500 reps – woo hoo…

If you have access to cardio equipment choose your favourite, treadmill. Rower, X-Trainer. Spin Bike

If you do not have access to cardio equipment that’s OK as you can still get in an awesome workout

Just do an interval run for 5 mins or interval stationary cardio exercises  – Mountain climbers, jump rope, jog on spot, star jumps
–    e.g: 50 Seconds ON and 10 Seconds REST – repeat for 5 mins


1)    5 mins interval Cardio

50 Pushups

50 Weighted Ballet Squats

50 Shoulder Press

50 Tricep pushdowns OR Tricep Dips

50 Chinups or assisted Pull ups – if you have no bar or similar wrap a towel around something solid for a pull up


2)    5 mins interval Cardio

30 Pushups
30 Weighted Ballet Squats
30 Shoulder Press
30 Tricep pushdowns
30 Chinups or Pull ups


3)    5 mins interval Cardio

20 Pushups
20 Weighted Ballet Squats
20 Shoulder Press
20 Tricep pushdowns
20 Chinups or Pull ups


enjoy your weekend – Vix