Muscle Matters – Your FREE Friday workout

Like all the workouts I design my “Muscle Matters” workout is a combination of short cardio bursts and strength work.


Try out this workout tonight or tomorrow morning to kick-start your weekend

You need to make every workout count

So to give it your best go you need to keep your workout Fresh and interesting

I find a structured workout with a good flow makes time go super fast

I love working the WHOLE body in a workout

I feel like I really made a difference in that hour

My body feels tight everywhere and it puts me in a really good mood.

I also eat a lot better when I have done a total body workout and that’s a good bonus.

So give it a go and give 100%

Muscle Matters Workout

This is a strength workout, perfect for burning fat and toning up

You have two exercises per set

You do 20 reps of each, then 15 reps of each then 10 reps of each

The first one is Military shoulder Press and Weighted Lunges  –

Do 20 x Military shoulder Press followed by 20 x Weighted Lunges

The 15 x Military shoulder Press followed by 15 x Weighted Lunges

The 10 x Military shoulder Press followed by 10 x Weighted Lunges

Cardio options:

If you have access to cardio equipment choose your favourite, treadmill. Rower, X-Trainer. Spin Bike

If you do not have access to cardio equipment that’s OK as you can still get in an awesome workout

Just do an interval run for 3 mins or interval stationary cardio exercises  – Mountain climbers, jump rope, jog on spot, star jumps
e.g: 50 Seconds ON and 10 Seconds REST – repeat for 3 mins

Lets Start


3 Mins Cardio Burst

1) Military Shoulder Press   and  2) Weighted Lunges


3 Mins Cardio Burst

1) Bench Press   and  2) Single Arm Rows


3 Mins Cardio Burst

1) Close Grip Tricep Pushups   and  2) Bicep curls


3 Mins Cardio Burst

1) Walk out pushups  and  2) Step ups

Now its your turn – Let me know how you go – Vix