Military Mom to Bikini Bombshell

I love Success stories

This one is for the Mums

My interview Today was with the Super Sexy Fitness Model and Mum Chantelle Emch.

A military wife and mom of 2 boy’s who has worked hard the past 8 month’s and just did her first bikini show and placed 6th in the open category.

Chantelle is a military wife and mom of 2 boys from Wyoming USA

So how did this mum/mom (yeah I am an aussie)  lose the flab and become an inspiration to women all over the world.

I was so excited to post this today and thanks to Chantelle for being so open and honest… you do not even know how inspiring you are….


Vix: What was your motivation to change:

Chantelle: I started my fitness journey after my second child at 5ft 8 (172cm) and 130lbs (76kg) – My motivation for change was all the people who made fun of me and said i would never be anything.  I loved the hard work and results i got from it and i feel great about the way i look and feel.


Vix:  what were the  biggest challenges you had to overcome and how did you do it

Chantelle: My biggest challenge’s were trying to find the time to juggle everything and put in the time to get the result’s i wanted.

My husband is also gone alot being in the military so some day’s it was sleep or go to the gym –  I always went to the gym,  you just have to want it bad enough to achieve your dreams.


Vix:  whats a typical training session

Chantelle: i train 6 day’s a week  – I lift weights 6 x per week and also do a combination of cardio and weight training


Vix: whats a typical good day of food

Chantelle: I eat 6 clean meal’s a day incorporating  2 slimdown smoothies  – I follow a fitness model diet of carbs from whole grains , green vegetables and fruit and Protein from lean white meats


Vix:  How long did it take you achieve your goal body

Chantelle: it took me 8 month’s to get to my first competition and reach my goal to be 130lbs (58kgs) 12%  body fat. I plan to become an IFBB BIKINI PRO one day and inspire other women to reach there goal’s


WOW – how great does chantelle look

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