Mary’s Super Sexy Transformation

 I am SUPER excited to share Mary’s Super Sexy Transformation with you.


Right from the start Mary was extremely honest and shared with me the reasons she wanted to change her body and get back her self-confidence. – It was TIME…

I knew from day 1 that Mary was going to succeed and transform into this Uber Sexy Fit Woman that looks way younger then her years.

Mary followed the Response Mode Program 100% and just made every week better and better and every week her results were so inspiring and her weekly updates very funny.

Mary Made the transformation an enjoyable adventure by sharing her ups and downs, new exciting wardrobe confidence as her body transformed, the little EXTRA weekend indulgences and semi mini freak-outs with those annoying scale fluctuations but the best was seeing Marys awesome progress pics along the way.

The best part is Mary has maintained her sexy physique for the past 12 months and now when Mary is out and about with her teenage daughter people often mistake them for sisters – that’s AWESOME!

I can definitely say Mary brought her SEXY back!..

Enjoy this interview ~Vix.

So Mary, Tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m a 46 year old single mum of 3. My children are aged 18,17 & 15. I joined the NSW Police Force at 19 where I had a 25 yr career.

I retired 18mths ago, and have recently gone back into the workforce doing administration, 3 days/week!

I’ve always led an active life having played tennis since I was 6, netball since I was 12, competed in triathlons in my mid to late 20?s, bushwalking and loads of other activities.

I’m 5’10?and always thought of myself as athletic without being super slim.

I’ve had a great life, whilst working fulltime in the Police I studied part-time at uni and completed a degree, graduate diploma and a masters.

I also travelled to England and was a Seminar Presenter for a private migration company which meant I had to travel throughout Great Britain, Ireland, South Africa, Europe and Canada talking about life in Australia and the Australian Immigration Policy.

I returned from that job once I became pregnant with child number 2 and then went to teach at the NSW Police College.

My work has taken me all over NSW both as an operational Police Officer and later in my career as a trainer. Its been an active life.

Once I hit 40 my metabolism slowed down and my weight crept up to 75kg (165 pounds) and size 12 (U.S 8) was no longer an option for me so I was wearing a size 14 (U.S 10). As I’m tall, I could get away with being that size without looking obese although I was certainly flabby.

I felt fat, lost confidence and just generally felt blah!

I wore clothes that swam on me in an effort to hide my body shape. I didn’t feel comfortable getting up in front of lecture theatre’s anymore and I was really feeling the pressure but I just kept going through the motions thinking I could carry it off as I was tall!

Once I left the Police, I worked on my house. I wasn’t up for going out anywhere so I rendered my home. It took the best part of 6 months to do it on my own but I enjoyed it and it kept me physical – but not any slimmer!!!!

Then one day, I was at the shops where my boyfriend lives and I saw his ex-wife down one of the aisles. She is not a big fan of me and takes every morticia-adamsopportunity to bag me to him saying I look like Dracula or Morticia (little does she know that I take the last as a compliment!!!).

She is one of those naturally ‘skinny bitches’, a fantastic metabolism and she doesn’t put on any weight. So, I backed up the aisle so she wouldn’t see me and skedaddled out of there determined not to ever feel like I had to hide from someone again.

I found Missfitnesslife on Facebook. I signed up for a 14 day slim down and then I saw the blurb on Response Mode. I decided I needed all the help I could get and I haven’t looked back!

Vix is amazing! – Her method is simple and effective.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to do something different to what Vix says, I did that and I SLOWLY let some of the weight creep back on.

If you eat clean, do her workouts and take her advice I honestly don’t believe there is anyone who won’t benefit from Vix’s program, knowledge and guidance!

One of the best things about being a VIP member is all of the support from the other members.

There are times when you admit some blowout or slackness and everyone just supports you.

You hear other ladies having similar problems to you or having doubts etc and it just helps you get through your own doubts and hard times.

Sometimes questions are answered without you having to ask them because someone else does.

Its great, honestly its a real community!

So, How long have you been following the Response Mode Program?

I started on the Response Mode Program in September 2012 so it has been 12 months.

Initially I had to think about the food that I was eating, counting cals, thinking clean etc.

Now I have to think about my refuel days and what ‘naughtiness’ I can get up to – if any!

Tell me some of the physical changes you have noticed on the program?

I’ve been blessed with a flat tummy my whole life. Unfortunately, this also started to expand once I hit 40!

Additionally, I have large legs – particularly upper thighs and dare I say it…..cankles!!!!!

Once I started the Response Mode Program, I noticed the fat around my belly was gone and back to being flat and ab’s again.

I also noticed that my cankles were shrinking – lots of that was just fluid!

More slowly I noticed my upper thighs starting to shrink. Its amazing, I can wear figure hugging dresses and skinny jeans.

Not even at my youngest and skinniest have I been able to fit into skinny jeans but I can now!

I lost 12 kilo’s in 10 weeks and for the most part I’ve been able to maintain it!!!

What are the biggest positive changes you have notices as a result of being part of the program?mary 3

I can walk down the street without hiding from ANYONE! In fact, I want people to see me and notice me cause I feel SOOOO much better.

My confidence has returned and I’m back at work for the first time in two years!

I can wear a bikini to the beach and I want to smile with the whole world because I just feel so much better in myself!

I am more confident in my relationship and with my kids, I love it!

My partner and I have taken up ballroom dancing together and we go to the gym together. I am active again!

Before you started, what was the turning point that made you decide to make a change?

As I’ve mentioned, the deciding factor to change my life was ‘not quite running’ into my boyfriend’s ex!

It was starting to happen before then though.

I just didn’t want to go out in public anymore, I wore the daggiest of daggy clothes to try and hide myself away and I just felt yuck!

‘Almost’ running into my boyfriends EX was the best thing that happened to me – I took stock of what I was doing to my body and took control (with loads of help from Vix!).

What part of your body did you want to change the most?

My thighs and bum although a close second were my tuck-shop lady arms!

I can definitely see the changes in both my arms and legs.

I’ve got triceps and quads!

Its also helped strengthen my dicky knee!

Where do you do your workouts?

I was a member of Anytime Fitness before starting with Vix.MissFitnessLife barbie

I used to go and go through the motions without any real change.

Now I go to the gym and I know what I’m doing.

I don’t care if there are guys in the weights area, I just zone everyone else out and do what needs to be done!

How did you find the weekly workout structure and new workouts you get each week as VIP Member?

These are bloody brilliant!

I’m a bit of an old fashioned chick so although I have an IPhone I can only really use it for more than a phone when one of my children are around!!!

So, I print all of the workouts, put them in plastic sleeves and take them off to the gym with me.

I’m not worried if I look nerdy or dorky!!

I just love getting different workouts each week and putting them all together ready for the week ahead – its probably one of the few things I’ve become OCD about!!!!

I used to get a bit nervous initially about new exercises and whether or not I’d be able to do them. Now I just go along and do the best I can.

I’ve realised that most people at the gym are too worried about themselves to worry about what you are doing, so I see the workouts as a bit of a challenge and variety – it keeps the gym interesting which keeps me motivated.

How did you stay focused and motivated?mary before after

I did all the things that Vix suggested at the start of the program.

I weighed myself, took my measurements and hardest of all (but also the most rewarding) I took ‘before’ pics!

I kept looking at those mutton chop legs each time I thought I wanted to quit and just kept going.

To be honest, once you start to lose a few kilo’s and realise how easy it comes off following this program, the motivation and focus just happens!

How did you handle social situations – wining and dining?

Initially I didn’t! I tried to restrict all social situations for my refuel day on Saturdays.

I had already reduced my social life due to work related illness and my depression from being overweight so it wasn’t hard not to go out!

On the occasions that it couldn’t be avoided I would either eat before I went out, take food with me (if appropriate) or just choose as healthy as possible options.

I don’t drink (except my birthday) so going without alcohol wasn’t an issue for me.

It is amazing how you can find options on menu’s that aren’t too bad.

I also tried not to stress about eating out too much.

The whole point of doing the Response Mode Program is so that you can enjoy life and socialising is part of that enjoyment.

When there were unavoidable situations that I didn’t feel that I’d prepared for or where there were no healthy options, I tried to reduce my food intake and just enjoy the company and the food that I did eat.

Did you ever have any blowouts with food and if so how did you move forward?

Am I human????? Goodness yes!Missfitnesslife willpersist

Blowouts happen, still happen!

I try not to dwell on it and just make the choice to forget the blowout and get back on track.

Its when you dwell on it that the blowout seems to swell and then you think “Well I’ve blown today or this week or whatever” and more blowouts occur.

Accept your mistake and move on. You know you can do it, so do!

What would you say to anyone who is thinking about starting the Response Mode Program but isn’t sure?

My mum was overweight. I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t.

I spent my childhood attending weight watcher’s meetings week after week.

I watched my mum go on diets and lose weight, put it back on a month later and then some more.

I learnt to do the same with my own body – yo yo diets that leave you feeling tired and lethargic, grumpy and moody or just plain disenchanted.

Everything that I want to say here sounds so like a cliché but honest to goodness, THIS WORKS!

Its NOT a quick fix, its NOT a magic recipe, its NOT a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants diet!

This HAS to be a lifestyle change and you HAVE to be ready for it, but once you are, this is absolutely going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!

You have to work at it, you may struggle some days, you may not feel like it but if you truly want to change the way you look and feel then the Response Mode Program is the best!

DON’T bother with it if you aren’t prepared to put in any effort – but if you are ready to make a change you will never look back and your old self will thank you a million times over!!

The skinny clothes of my past are now my fat clothes and I’ve thrown my old fat clothes out!!

Mary started her transformation with my Response Mode Program…