How Maree Transformed Her Body in 7 Weeks…

I am so excited to share Maree’s story with you as I am sure many of you will relate to her frustrations and challenges with food and working out.

Maree is pure testament to someone who just decided to give a balanced approach a go and TRUST the PROCESS and now has a super LEAN physique and ABS that you can bounce a coin off..

Enjoy Maree’s story, Vix

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Tell me a little about yourself

I am a working mother of two (with a 5 and 2 year old) who gained 20 kilograms in my first pregnancy and 16 in the second.

I am a clinical social worker/counsellor working long hours 4 days a week.

Before you became a VIP member and joined the Response Mode Program how did you feel about yourself?

I tended to be grateful that I did work out 5 days a week

But was increasingly frustrated at putting in hard yards at the gym and finding that I would un-do most of the good work by having a ‘diet’ that was frequently unsustainable.

I was having a two day food/weekend food frenzy then trying to ‘redeem’ myself for the remainder of the week, only to repeat the whole cycle the following week.

It was bordering on becoming despairing.

What was the turning point that made you decide – YES I am going to change my body and get into shape

I copped a shock when I bounced on the scales and realised that I was hovering around the 64 kilogram mark.

When I was in my 20’s (20 years ago I might add) I went to a gym and was 57 kilograms and back then I was encouraged to get to around 55 kilograms.

I heard and read from various trainers about the need to ‘eat clean’ but when I looked around, what I found was ‘clean eating’ usually comprised of vegies/ salads, heaps of chicken, tuna and red meats with little to no potatoes, bread or bread alternatives and no dairy or dairy alternatives.

There just seemed to be an emphasis on high protein, very low carbohydrate diets.

Given that I don’t actually like meat, I was stuck.

I knew that I would ‘try’ commit to something that was doomed to fail, because there is no way I could commence let alone sustain an eating program like that.

So how long have you been following the Response Mode Program?

I have been following the program for around 7 weeks now.

Tell me about some of physical changes that you have noticed on the program?

My tummy has shrunk,

I have definition in my arms,

I am so much fitter and stronger now.

I charge through the workouts and am tackling significantly heavier weights than I would have ever thought possible.

What are the biggest positive changes you have noticed as a result of the being part of the program?

There is certainly a level of accountability to myself

(and others)

with the weigh in/ sharing of results on the Saturday/Sunday.

I have consistently lost between 700 grams to 1.6 kilograms a week (and that is just unheard of).

I did a well known weight loss program a few years ago and got down to 52 kilograms, looked sick and unhealthy and it took me over 10 weeks to lose (at that stage 5 kilograms).

This is an accelerated program that gets results fast.

But I think the biggest positive changes I have noticed is that I am not feeling like I am at the mercy of a vicious cycle of exercise, pig out, regret/remorse/ shame then furiously exercising again to try to ‘redeem’ myself.

The mental anguish that goes on with that insidious cycle is quite taxing on one’s mental and emotional well being.

As I am no longer in a battle of the wills with myself,

I have more energy and am happier to be around and feel like I am in control of my life, my thoughts, my emotions.

I am no longer losing myself in a ‘food fog’ or a carbo-coma (when eating highly processed carbs), as I have increased mental clarity and am not at the mercy of cravings anymore.

What part of your body did you want to change the most?

My stomach, as this has always been a trouble spot for me.

maree before after 3 front

Where do you do your workouts – home or gym and how do you fit them in your schedule esp. with a little one running around?

I alternate between my home and the gym.

I am always exercising by 6:00 am for an hour and I do this 6 times a week.

Given that the routines are time efficient I find that I can do them when the kids are sleeping.

How do you find the weekly workout structure and new workouts you get each week as a VIP member?

These are invaluable.

There is variety and I absolutely love the pictures of the inspirational fitness models that appear on the workout pages.

How do you stay focused and motivated?

Having got the fast results, it is almost impossible to lose focus or motivation.

I never dreamed I could feel this good or be in control of my overall well being.

The physical changes are significant but the journey is so much more than that.

Spending a lot of time being in a body that ‘just wasn’t me’, felt like I was existing in this foreign body/vehicle that certainly ‘got me around’ but I did not feel that it was my ‘ideal me’ or the ‘real me’ I wanted to convey to the world.

I really did feel like I was a prisoner in my own body, who was so desperately trying to break free from a mis-informed ‘diet’/exercise cycle.

I find that getting on Vix’s website is a great motivator.

She is totally awesome, as she oozes motivation and wisdom.

She responds promptly to any questions I have had.

How do you handle the family meals

Once I sat down with my husband and explained why attention to eating clean was so pertinent and that my body just does not handle what he and the rest of the family eat, he ‘got it’.

My experience is that the meals that I make based on the program are fast and so extremely tasty.

There is nothing boring about the variety of meals that you can create with this program which makes it so sustainable.

Do you ever have any blowouts with food and if so how did you move forward

Truthfully I think the ‘refuel day’ is a saviour.

I know sometimes I will deliberately have my refuel meal later in the day so this prevents me from making the ‘refuel meal’ an excuse to eat recklessly for the entire day.

I have my refuel day on Saturday and have not once found myself struggling to get back on the program on the Sunday.

I have not had any blowouts on days that are not my ‘refuel days’ (certainly in the past but not on this program).

As I am thinking ‘clearer’ I find that I am much more likely to ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’ to things, stressors, pressures (which would normally be a catalyst for a frantic ‘emotional overeat’).

I feel like I am so much more in control of my thoughts and my awareness of my own internal self talk.

Finally I am in the drivers’ seat of my own life and destiny.

Nothing can even compare to how good this feels.

Maree Started her transformation with my Response Mode Program

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