How to Lose Weight Part 1

Ok, so you have made the decision to lose weight “again” , but this time you’re committed and going to achieve that body you have always wanted.

Help! Weightloss

This time you are going to just do it – No Excuses!!!

All goes really well for about 10 days then BOOM – CRASH – it’s all over AGAIN – arrghh

It all starts to unravel –
You, without even knowing it, start coming up with a million excuses as to why you can’t work out, why you can’t eat clean and you justify to yourself a million times during the day your need to eat CRAP.

I just need a wine OR TWO to relax, I have had such a stressful day

“I am so light headed, I need some chocolate” (before you know it the whole packet of Tim Tams has been divulged)

“Cheese is good for you – it’s dairy and protein. Ok, maybe the whole cake of Brie wasn’t on the cards to start with but it made me feel so good, it makes me happy and that’s important to me”

“There is no way I can work out today – I have my period and I feel so flat I think I am coming down with something”

“I have a conference and there is NO waaaay I can stick to program as it’s catered and I HAVE to eat what’s provided”

So all of your good intentions have been forgotten and you just seem to somehow give up – not really intentionally but its just seems to happen and weeks, days and even years go by.

One day you look in the mirror and you’re like: “what the HELL how did I get so out of shape“.

You never used to have this bit here or here – you know what I am talking about – the rolls that seem to stick out around your waist, your arms are starting to droop and there’s a friggin’ dimple zone on your thighs that you swear wasn’t there yesterday…..

You have a mini episode and it all starts all over AGAIN – man it’s becoming like Groundhog day… I am going to start working out and eating better on Monday…

If you have heard this story before it’s probably because yourself or someone you know has had similar experiences.

But you know what? – You’re not the only one that’s been around the weight loss Ferris wheel.

I have personally had a few rides on it and so have many of my clients so I get it.

Owning a personal training studio and training thousands of clients over the past 10 years I would say 99% of my clients experienced this situation…

So what’s the solution?

Why is it something we don’t really talk about??

Why do we feel shameful about it???

Well in my next few blogs I will share with you how I managed to break through with my clients and help them get off this ride for good.

I’m talking real stories of women of all shapes and sizes and working backgrounds.

You see the solution is the same no matter who you are – your current circumstance or your genetics.

Kelly Osbourne Looking HOT!

My solution is not about starvation and hours on a treadmill – No Way

– in fact I have a very different approach and address things that I have not heard any other weight loss expert address.

I am coming from the experience of someone from both sides – a female who was an office worker who struggled with weight and as a personal trainer of 10 years helping thousands of clients transform their bodies and lives.

I will be brutally honest, so some of my stories will be funny and some will be confronting.

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It’s time the truth about weightloss, fitness and diet is shared with every woman who wants to succeed and finally achieve her ideal body and that’s my mission.