How To Print The Program

If you do decide to print any part of the program you will find that the entire program is formatted for easy printing.

The meal plans and guides are formatted for easy printing and many of my members chose to print the program materials and put them into a binder.

If you don’t have access to a printer at home OfficeWorks are able to print it off for you to put into a binder..

Here is some simple steps on how to print off the Response Mode Books.

First you need to login to the Response Mode Program.

Go to and click on Download the Response Mode Program
Email if you need your login details reset

You will now have a selection of all your ebooks to chose from. Click on the one you would like to print.

Your computer should now open it automatically as a PDF file or ask you if you would like to open this file. Click ok.

You will now view the file as a PDF. In the top Left Hand Corner Click File then Click Print. Select your printer and push print.


You do the exact same step for each e-book you wish to print out.

Please let me know by emailing me at if you need any more assistance I will be happy to help.