How to Beat Cellulite: Your Questions Answered

Last week I made a post on Miss Fitness Life Called Its Your Turn to Ask

I had an absolutely awesome response thanks so much everyone!!!

It was hard to pick just a few questions to answer so I have alos put some links into posts on Miss Fitness Life that help with many of the other questions.

Ok here is the first answer..

I am 47 have toned up my muscles with hard work doing your challenges but I still have cellulite and dimpled wrinkly skin on my arms and legs how do you get rid of this.
Lizz Davies · Tweed Heads

Lizz the good news is that It will tone up eventually the key is to focus on your body composition – regardless of your age.

The more you decrease your bodyfat% and increase lean muscle tone the tighter your body will become
Cellulite is most visible when multiple fat deposits are present

Cellulite is as common with skinny people as it is with those overweight and this is due to the ratio of fat to muscle on the body

You can be 60kg and 34% bodyfat – flabby and have visible dimples OR

You can be 60kg and 18% bodyfat – tight and toned with smooth skin and firm definition

A lot of people focus on Scale weight and forget to focus on body composition – what their weight is made up of.

So this is why I ALWAYS recommend weight training and a clean diet for a tight and toned body as this is the best way to brun fat 24/7 and maintain lean muscle tone for a smaller, tighter and more toned body

Excess cardio will see you burn off lean muscle tone and you will remain with a flabby body that highlights cellulite..

The process also takes time – where you hold fat the most or have the most visible cellulite will be the last place for it to go with consistency over time.

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Check your email on Friday for the answer to Belinda’s Question…

“I can be really good all day long and follow your clean eating rules but at the end of the day, once the kiddies are in bed, my husband and I finish off our day with a block of choc. or ice-cream. How do I stop this habit which is hard to break?

By Vix Milicevic

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