How Did I Become A Flat Tummy Expert?

Lets just say that when it comes to being in great shape I have less
than average genetics…

I found out the hard way that for some people it’s not easy
to get into shape….

It took me years of frustration and research on my own body to learn
what I have learnt to get into shape.

And even to this day if I am not really focussed on my eating and
training my body will start getting out of shape much faster than
anyone I know…

What I once viewed as my curse is actually my blessing.

This is because it forced me to learn what really works to get my
body into shape, and then allowed me to help thousands of other people
get their bodies into great shape as well…

My story starts out when I was unhappy with my body, and nothing
was working to make it change.

I didn’t fit into the clothes in my wardrobe…I was unhappy with
how I looked in photos.

I was frustrated with the excess weight and fat I
was carrying around my mid section.

Nothing was working to make it change

You see I had tried…

Putting myself on extreme Starvation diets
I tried expensive Detox kits
I tried Workout videos
Working out at the gym
I even tried running
I took fat burners that made me feel jittery, anxious and sick…
I tried all those Natural superfoods you know like Acai and green

I would lose some weight but never as much as what I wanted to lose…

Before I knew it the weight went straight back on.

I was stuck in a cycle of confusion and frustration.

The more I tried…and failed…the more I felt like I was butting
my head against a brick wall.

I was beginning to believe that I would never be the person that I
secretly longed to be.

While I may have seemed happy on the outside…I was really
sad on the inside…

Well all that changed when I accidentally stumbled upon the secret
I am about to reveal to you.

I discovered Everything I had been told about losing weight
and getting a flat tummy was wrong…

I lost weight and got a flat tummy only when I started doing the exact
of the myths perpetuated by magazines, so called
fitness gurus, and diet books.

These myths are repeated again and again by so called experts who
have never struggled with their weight

…these guys just don’t understand how hard it is to get into

They think that all you need to do to lose weight is their cookie
cutter, one size fits all approach of cutting out all your favourite
foods, starving yourself and exercising
like crazy…

and they are just flat out wrong.

If you have been a victim of these myths and have struggled to get
results that lasted for more than a couple of weeks.

If you have always fallen short of your dream of having a flat toned
sexy tummy…

don’t beat yourself up for another minute…

It’s not your fault.

I was shocked to discover that the secret to losing weight and getting
a flat tummy was actually…

Eating More And Exercising Less

Yes that’s right…all I needed to do was to eat more and exercise

By Eating More And Exercising Less…I was shocked at how quickly
I was able to lose 12.6 kilos thats 27.7

I am pretty embarrassed to show my before picture but here it is.

and here is how I looked after I discovered the secret to getting
a flat tummy and lost 27 pounds

Now my story could have ended here, but this is where it gets really

My friends couldn’t believe the change that happened to my body…straight
away they started asking me for help.

I shared these tips with my family, it felt so good being able to
help others.

When I shared the weight loss tips with my best friend she lost 8kgs
in just a month…

Even my own doctor was begging me to tell him how I was able ditch
the fat and get a flat toned tummy so quickly…

I ended up helping him to lose weight as well…

Soon I knew what I wanted to do with my life – help other people LOOK
and FEEL great.

I decided to become certified as a personal trainer & set up my
own body transformation studio.

You see unlike most trainers I didn’t just give my clients workouts
and some eating tips and hope for the best.

I gave my clients the exact guidelines to follow to get the best results

My best clients recorded exactly what they were eating and every week
I measured their body composition scientifically, not just on scales
– cos those things can lie- so I could see exactly what changes happened
to their bodies.

Over 3000 clients later I was able to test and tweak my system so
it worked for every single client who wanted a flat tummy fast.

Soon I had a team of trainers working for me and over ten years at
my studio I was able to help thousands of women ranging in age from
16 to 63 to finally lose their belly fat & get the flat toned
sexy tummy that they all thought they could never have…

So I could help even more people I set up my online Magazine Miss
Fitness Life.

Then I put everything that I learnt, tested and proved at my studio
time and time again into a simple system for losing weight and getting
a flat toned sexy tummy…my online weight loss program Response Mode.


Heres some of the results my clients achieved…

27 of Sydney lost14.6kg (32.1 pounds) and 53.5cm

now have noticed a more toned and body and that my clothes
fit me more comfortably now. “


59 of Sydney In Just 56 Days: Fat Lost:6.56kg (14.4
pounds) and 23cm

was so surprised by what I was able to achieve at my
age and how easy it was.”


25 of Melbourne

In just 56 days: Lost 6.5kg(14.3 pounds) of fat from
her belly and 39cm

for helping me achieve the body I can be proud of again”



In Just 56 Days: Fat Lost: 8.96kg, Cm’s:
Lost: 35



In Just 56 Days: Fat Lost: 9.26kg, Cm’s:
Lost: 37.5



In Just 56 Days: Fat Lost: 3.7kgs Cm’s: Lost: