How an Overweight Mum Became a Fitness Model

‘I was sick and tired of being fat’ – Jennifer Nicole Lee –  before and after

I love inspiring stories

Lucky for me I have had the privilege of helping thousands of women transform their bodies and see the difference it’s made to their lives.

Not only were there bodies completely transformed but also their confidence and positive outlook on life

These were women of all ages – mums, professional women and just your everyday girl who finally made the decision to get more out of her life.

My experience with having worked with so many clients over 10 years has confirmed something I have thought all along…


Those who succeed all have 3 things in common


1)      They are not losing weight for the sake of losing weight

There is something they want more then weight loss or a toned body – they have a strong desire to achieve something BIG in their lives.

They want to achieve this one thing so strongly and getting into great shape is just a stepping-stone to achieving that dream

People who say they want to lose weight or get into shape will never go all the way as there is always tomorrow or next week to start again

But if getting into awesome shape is just one thing you to do achieve a huge goal in your life (financial, career, personal, family, love etc ) then you will increase your chance of success x 10 –


2)      They all decided to stop making excuses

Stopped trying to find the easy way out or manipulate a proven system and did the work required.

They just did what works and followed a plan to guarantee success

Food became fuel and nothing more, every workout got them one step closer to their dream and every result made that fire in their belly to succeed even stronger


3)      Their journey may have been challenging at times but the more they dedicated to following a proven system the easier it got.

The more manageable it became and just easier to incorporate into their daily life and the more enjoyable measuring their results became.

The People who get frustrated and lose control on a weightloss or Transformation program are generally those who are making so many mistakes they are making the process a lot more difficult

They think what they are doing will get a faster result or make it easier when it infact they are making it a transformation doomed for failure.

The main things people do that causes them to fail time and time again is not eating enough and over exercising – period.


So Today I want to share with you the story of how an overweight mum became a Fitness model

How a mum decided enough was enough – lost weight and became a fitness model, Ms Bikini America, entrepreneur with a swimwear line, published author and a guest on Oprah.

Jennifer tipped 200lbs (91kg) on the scales after the birth of her second child.

She dropped more than 70lbs (32kg) to achieve the lean and toned fit body she has today.

Jennifer’s biggest challenge was “letting go of excuses” and had to ‘let go of wanting my weight loss success to happen overnight.’

She said: ‘I banished all the myths and got real with myself… all the excuses such as “I don’t have enough time” or “it’s expensive to get into shape and live healthy.”

I also had a hard time giving myself the gift of time as I wanted to see the results instantly.’

Jennifer who has appeared on the cover of more than 40 magazines, had been fed up with being out of shape especially once she had two children to care for.

She said: ‘Being a new mom really hit me hard… I was sick and tired of being fat with little to no energy.

I made a commitment to learn everything possible about how super fitness models and serious athletes ate and trained.’

She said: ‘We, as moms, suffer from wanting the best for everyone but we must aim to put ourselves back on our to-do list.’

During the early stages of her weight loss, she put a large emphasis on building strength as opposed to shedding fat.

‘Women, especially moms, must rate their health level on how strong they are mentally, emotionally and physically.

Being fit does not equal a size or being thin. But being strong means you are healthy and fit.’

She said: ‘I urge women to do more strength training than cardio as lean muscle tone is the fountain of youth.’

So when is your time to get that body you desire?

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