How an Awesome Mum of 5 lost 20kg/44lbs

20kg lost and a total of 125cm off her body!!!!! HOW?!


Dawn is an awesome Response Mode Program VIP member and an outstanding single mother of 5 kids with a great new body!!

She wanted to change her lifestyle so her children would be raised to live happy, healthy, long and fulfilling lives.

I know every Miss Fitness Life VIP member will agree when I say Dawn is such a fantastic supporter and participant on the VIP members site forums.

Dawn’s dedication, motivation and passion for sharing tips, recipes and supporting other members is extremely appreciated by all the VIP members and has made her such a VIP Star and we all love her so much for that..

Please Enjoy this inspiring interview ~ Vix


So Dawn, Tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m a single mum of five fantastic children aged 19yrs, 17yrs, 14yrs, 13yrs, 2yrs.

I’m very passionate about raising them to be happy, healthy adults that live long, fulfilling lives.

Just like all other mum’s, I want to be the best mum I can and put most of my energy into raising them.

Our home is always noisy and busy with more than one thing happening at any given time.

There’s never just one type of music going, or one conversation to be in on ha ha.

We all love getting in the kitchen and having a baking day or getting outside to kick a ball around.

Even though we are a busy household we all really enjoy each others company and doing things together.

Before you became a VIP member and joined the Response Mode Program how did you feel about yourself?

I remember being horrified at my size – I barely ate, how could I possibly have gained so much weight

I was very unhappy and as my weight climbed, I felt I knew myself less and less.

I would look in the mirror and wonder who it was looking back at me.

I never seemed to find clothes I felt comfortable in, so I avoided going out as much as possible.

Just getting thru each day was a struggle, everything seemed to take so much effort and I always felt tired.

What was the turning point that made you decide?

My turning point came the week after my 42nd birthday.

I realised that I was only going thru the necessary daily motions and that something HAD to change.

I wanted to feel happy, proud, confident and enjoy life again.

I desperately wanted to be a healthy role model for my kids and be able to play with them, go swimming, bike riding and run around with them.

I wanted to really enjoy my children, to hear them laugh and laugh with them.

I knew I had to change something to get the ball rolling and improving my health seemed a great place to start.


So how long have you been following the Response Mode Program?

I’ve been following the Response Mode Program for 12 months now.

My first contact was when I saw an add for a FREE Banish Belly Bloat report.

I read the report and filed it away, doing nothing with the information.

It was six weeks later that I came across one of Miss Fitness Life’s free challenges on facebook and this time I was ready.

It took only four days of that challenge for me to see fantastic results and sign up as a VIP member.

Now with 20kg lost and a total of 125cm off my body I couldn’t be happier that I did.

Tell me about some of the physical changes that you have noticed on the program?

Everything is easier when you are fitter.

Being a smaller size means I love going shopping and buying clothes, and I love that I can try on the same clothes as my teenage daughter.

Getting ready for a night out dancing is exciting now and I really enjoy getting all dressed up.

I can play with my kids as much as I want and even pick my toddler up all day long if I want to.

What are the biggest positive changes you have noticed as a result of the being part of the program?

I would say the most positive change is that I really like myself now.

I am so much more confident and believe I can give anything a go.

I have a positive outlook and enjoy life every day.

The other really positive change has been the effect on my children.

They have learned so much about healthy eating and fitness that the chance of them gaining a lot of weight and being miserable at some point in their lives is now extremely low.

For that I am eternally grateful.

What part of your body did you want to change the most?

All of it!

I was just really unhappy with how I was and wanted to get fit and healthy.

I wanted to be in proportion, smaller and toned.

I didn’t want to lose weight only to end up with that horrible flabby feeling again.

Where do you do your workouts – home or gym and how do you fit them in your schedule esp with a little one running around?

 I do my workouts at home.

When I first began my youngest was 15 months old.

I would wait for him to have a daytime nap and then workout whilst he was asleep.

Of course this didn’t always happen.

There were days he wouldn’t sleep or had his sleep while we were out.

I had some special toys he only got whilst I did my workout – which meant most days he was more than happy for me to do it.

Now my youngest is just over two years old and is stopping his daytime sleep.

He has his own little dumbells and we take turns doing the exercises.

Some days he doesn’t want to cooperate (he is 2 after all) so then I will take him out for a brisk hilly walk in the stroller as my cardio and come home to do the weights part, while he watches playschool.

During school holidays my older kids sometimes workout with me, which is really really fun because we all laugh a lot.

How did you find the weekly workout structure and new workouts you get each week as a VIP member?

I enjoy getting the week’s structure, so that I can book my workouts in for the coming week.

Planning is everything for success when you have little ones running around.

I love the variety of the new workouts. It’s never the same, repetitive or boring and so stimulating.


How did you stay focused and motivated?

My long term goal was to be healthier for my children, so I never really struggled much with focus and motivation – it was boosted every time I saw one of their smiling faces.

Having said that I did set regular small goals and reward myself each time I reached one which I found gave me a boost ready for the next goal.

How did you handle the family meals and keeping the kids happy?

At first I cooked separately to my children, but that soon became tedious and time consuming.

I also wanted them to eat healthier so I slowly began cooking their dinner the same as mine.

Over time all of their food has become healthier, tho they do have some junky kid food still.

My toddler eats mostly what I eat, as it’s so much easier to just feed him what I am eating – plus he loves the food.

My kids have a huge interest in cooking now and happily prepare healthy school snacks, meals etc

Did you ever have any blowouts with food and if so how did you move forward?

Oh yes I did have blowouts with my food, a few of them actually and it always made me feel ill.

To me there is absolutely no point in wasting time or energy feeling bad about what you can’t change – the past is the past.

So acknowledge that you slipped up, learn what you can from it and then get back on track with your very next meal.

Tell me about your experiences and interactions on the VIP members site?

The VIP members forum is fabulous. It’s such a team environment.

I have made so many good friends in there.

It is non-stop support, encouragement and always full of new information.

I wouldn’t have made it to where I am without it.


What would you say to anyone who is thinking about starting the Response Mode Program but isn’t sure?

Stop thinking and give it a go.

It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and my children, a happy healthy mum equals a happy healthy household.

You have nothing to lose by giving it a go, except how you are feeling right now.

All you need to do is take that first step and then you have all the support you will ever need to continue on to reach your goals in the forum.


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