How a Mum Got Abs [Interview and Pictures]

Today I want to share an amazing and inspiring story about how Alicia transformed her body and entered her first figure model competition.

What is super cool about Alicia’s story is that Alicia has a teenage daughter, a 2 year old boy and works full time.  Go Alicia!


Before you got into this AMAZING shape how did you feel about yourself?


I was always a happy, positive person but my self-esteem had dropped a lot over the years and I was constantly searching for a “reason” as to why I could not lose weight.
I was getting frequent headaches every week and I was tired all the time, especially in the afternoons.

What was the turning point that made you decide – YES I am going to change my body and get into shape I was having trouble finding clothes to “suit” my body every day. I knew I had to do something as it was upsetting me every week. I was also feeling lethargic, getting colds frequently and my husband could see that I was not happy with myself.

A new gym had opened near home and I knew it was time for a change. I had been going to the same gym for years and was not getting any results. The new gym had great classes, opening and closing times suited me better and getting a car park was so much easier.

A few weeks later I decided that I would train for the May INBA competition.

My husband was so happy to see me so passionate about this new goal.

I had no idea what I was in for.

What made you decide to enter a comp – is this something you ever thought you would do?

I had never thought about entering a Fitness competition.

I wondered  if it was even possible to get to competition stage especially with my flabby stomach and being overweight and extremely untoned.

I remember asking about a Fitness Competition and I was told “anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself.”

I’ll never forget that message. “Anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself.”

I didn’t believe in myself and it was something in that message that gave me hope.

I had seen those ladies and thought that they naturally had great bodies.

I would look and think that it was impossible for someone like me, who had 2 kids, and had stretch marks, to ever look like that. Even when I decided on this new goal I was scared that my body would not allow me to look that good.

I really thought that the only way for me to look good again would be to get cosmetic surgery.

I’ll never forget that message. “Anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself.”

What are the biggest positive changes you personally notice about yourself?

I have SO much energy it is crazy. I’m not always tired like I was previously, I don’t get the 2pm slump, I have so much more confidence, I feel stronger, my posture is better and I’m just happier overall.

I don’t get headaches anymore, which is great. Infact the last time I got a headache was the day after competition when I had some sugar.

My skin is not as dry and my hair is growing so fast, which is great for my hairdresser, not so great for my bank balance.

I feel like I can handle so much more in life and feel I have so much more to give.

What was your drive to keep your focus and motivation so strong?

It was my fear of failure. I didn’t want to let myself down and I surely didn’t want to get up on stage in a bikini and feel terrible.

I didn’t want this to just be another diet, I wanted it to be a lifestyle change and I was extremely focused on making sure I was successful.

I made sure I told people what my goal was. This way I knew that people would be asking me how things were going every time they saw me. It made me feel like I had people to be accountable to which works for me.

What was you biggest challenge you had to overcome when it came to making time to train and eat well and how did you over come this?

The first challenge was the whole ‘having time’ issue. I work full time and I do travel all over the place for work. I have a teenage daughter and a 2 year old boy. My husband travels 2 hours each way for work as well so our lifestyle is pretty hectic.

I didn’t want to make any excuses so it just meant that I had to either train early in the morning or late at night. On weekends I would do a big training session on a Sunday morning. Saturday was a back up day so if I missed any session through the week I would do it then.

When I was travelling I would make sure I still trained. I had googled where the gyms were in the areas that I had to travel to. Preparation is the key to success and being prepared even when you are travelling is important.
I never used time as an excuse. There are 24 hours in a day and if it meant I had to lose 1 hour of sleep in order to train then I would.

The other challenge was food. I had to be prepared at all times with food. Of a nighttime I would make sure I had enough veggies chopped up for a few days.

I would have all my food pre measured in containers or sandwich bags so I could just grab things and run. I would have emergency things in my handbag such as tinned tuna in spring water, little sachets of plain oats and also unsalted almonds.

There is nothing worse than being stuck in a traffic jam for hours and hours and not having anything to eat because you thought you would be home in time. I learnt that the hard way.

I made sure I had a cooler bag and a couple of ice things ready to go so mornings were easy. Throw the containers in the cooler bag, grab some ice packs and out the door I go.

This was a big change to my lifestyle and I knew change was a process. I had to look at each step in my whole journey and break it all down into part of this process.

One part of this process was also learning how to read food labels and understanding food in general Now that was a BIG challenge.

Who would of thought there were different names for sugars and everything else.

All this time I thought Low fat, diet, no added sugar was good.

How did I overcome this challenge? Well this is still a challenge but I have come a long way.

How did you fit your meals in – was it with or around the family meals

Some days it was with the family meals but that depended on my training.

If I was training at night then the family would have their meal and I would have mine when I got home.

How did you handle social situations – wining and dining?

At first I was avoiding social situations but I realized quickly that in order for this to be a long-term lifestyle change, I had to just learn to deal with it.

If I am going to a restaurant with friends I just ask the waiter if they will do me a certain dish and so far not once have they said no.

Most restaurants have fresh fish on the menu and veggies so it’s actually not hard to choose healthy options.

I always ask for a small serving as that’s the other thing I always found hard, stopping when I was full.

I would see it as a waste if food was on my plate.

Sometimes I will eat before I go and then I take my snacks with me. At friends houses I take my own meat and veggies prepared and just heat up when they all have their dinner.
It just becomes a way of life.

How did you fit your training sessions in around the family?

My family are happy to see me healthy and happy so it never bothers them if I have to go to the gym.

On weekends they will sometimes drop me off and then they will go and have a milkshake or a yummy treat whilst I am training.

My husband encourages me and he says he loves seeing me look healthy and happy.
My daughter is proud of me as well and tends to tell me off if she sees me eating something naughty.

Did you ever have any blowouts with food and if so how did you move forward?

Oh YES I did. I love chocolate and muffins and my daughter had made muffins at school.

I waited till everyone had gone and I inhaled this muffin.

It was shocking, I didn’t even sit down and enjoy it.

I had to go the gym an hour later and I felt terrible.

I ended up telling my friend a few days later.

My friend laughed as they could see how bad I felt and said just move forward.

You can’t keep beating yourself up when you make a mistake.

There were times that I was making my son’s sandwiches and would eat the crust without actually realizing I was eating the crust.

I would just put it in my mouth without even thinking.

So yes I had a few times that I had blowouts but each time I had to just refocus on my goal and move forward.

Was there any food that was on the BANNED list?

Yes there was. Sugar was a big NO NO and alcohol.

Basically I had to get rid of all the pre-packaged foods and go back to eating fresh food.

How did you handle being around junk food or kids food and stop yourself from snacking on it?

In the beginning I found it really hard but as time went on it became easier.

Honestly I do struggle with chocolate and bakery goodies so I find it best just to not have it in the house at all.

I don’t want my kids having junk all the time anyway so once a week my husband would take them out for a treat.

I found this easier as they were still getting their treats in moderation but it wasn’t sitting in the house tempting me all the time.

Did you have days when you just did not feel training or preparing meals – how did you overcome this?

Some nights I would be exhausted from work and the last thing I wanted to do was train or even prepare food.

I just had to get those gym clothes on and go.

I then found once I was there I would get the energy and then once I was home I would use this energy to prepare meals. There were some nights that I was late going to bed, as I knew I could not sleep until I had meals ready for the next day or the next few days.

I don’t train hard every day, I do have rest days.

These are important for recovery.

What did you do daily to keep yourself motivated and focused on your goals?

I would look a pictures of people at Fitness competitions to remind myself of my goal.

I would also speak to others who were training or had competed before.

I think surrounding yourself with like minded people or people with a common goal is really helpful.

These are the people I would also speak to when I was struggling or had indulged in something that I shouldn’t.

Did you have any friends, family, work colleagues question or make remarks about why you’re doing this?

Absolutely. I had family tell me that they couldn’t understand why I would do something like this, people who said that women shouldn’t have muscles.

People would comment and say you were too skinny or that you can’t do these things naturally.

But there were also a lot of people who were also really interested and wanted to know how I fit it in to my life, how I feel, what I eat, when do I train and these people were genuinely fascinated about it.

What’s your BEST piece of advice for a mum who wants to get into shape and feel super sexy again?

Give it a go, even if it means just starting with something small.

Don’t make excuses before even trying.

Focus on the benefits and focus on why you should do it.

Whatever you do don’t speak to people who you know will bring you down and try and tell you that you shouldn’t.

Train with a friend as this also makes you accountable to someone, plus it’s a bit of fun when you train with someone.

Put 100% in to it for 12 weeks solid as you will see results if you stick with it for 12 solid weeks. Once you see results you will get that extra motivation to go again.

You will have so much energy for you and for your family. It’s a great feeling.

Most importantly surround yourself with the right people, try your hardest and have belief in yourself.

How does your husband feel about your new hot body?

He loves it.

He loves that I am happy and that I have found something that makes me feel good about myself. He is proud of how far I have come.

I was so happy the day he grabbed me and said I felt firm and not floppy haha.

Yes I could have hit him but it really was a nice compliment.

My husband always said he loves me no matter what but he also says there is nothing like seeing your wife glowing, looking happy and having a toned fit body.

I love that my husband and children support me and remind me how great I look these days. There is nothing like having the support and love from the people closest to you.

What are your next plans – continue on with this new lifestyle?

I am definitely going to continue on with this new healthy lifestyle and will definitely compete again.

I’d be crazy to go back to the old me. I have learnt so much about the impact that food has on your body and the impact of not exercising that I will never stop. If I start slackening off I know I will have my husband, kids and friends kick me and remind me of this.

I am learning more about organic growing as I love having my own fresh herbs and veggies growing in my backyard.

I want to keep learning more about fitness and also about the science behind all of this.

There is so much to learn and this excites me.

What is Your Pet Peeve?

People that try and bring people down.

People that don’t understand fitness or nutrition and try and tell you why it is all bad.

This journey of mine has really opened my eyes to some of the crazy things people say or people believe.
I believe it’s important to give people a pat on the back not to bring them down.

Who inspires you?

A lot of people inspire me.

Anyone that is passionate and succeeds in their goals whether this is fitness or something else.

My friends also inspire me. They all have a journey and they are all passionate about their lives and this is why I love them and why they inspire me. These are the people I always have time for.

Any Final Words of Wisdom?

Be Passionate. Have dreams and believe in yourself.  Surround yourself with the people that make you happy and remember anything is possible.

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