Getting Miss Fitness Life Emails with a Hotmail, Outlook, LiveMail or Bigpond Account

There are two tricks you sometimes need to try to get your Miss Fitness Life emails with Hotmail.

  1. Add to your safe senders.
  2. How to stop Miss Fitness Life emails from going to your Junk email folder.

Here is how to do both:

1. How Add to your safe senders.

 Step 1

In the upper right hand corner of your account, click on the Gear Icon for “Settings”.

From here, click on the option for “Options”.


Step 2

Click Mail > then Junk Mail > then Safe Sender


Step 3

In the Safe Sender’s email address Enter

then click the + button and Save



2. How to look for Miss Fitness Life emails of they are not in your inbox.

Sometimes Hotmail mistakenly classifies our emails as Junk.

To change this login to your Hotmail account

On the left hand side of the page you will see the Junk folder. Click on this